Version 0.2.4 – Welcome wordpress 2.8!

This new release welcomed the coming release of the new wordpress 2.8. This release includes support for the scripts at bottom feature of 2.8 which will enable your pages to load faster and get higher scores with yahoo’s Yslow. Also included are tons of bug fixes, most notable is the fix for themes that didn’t work and we would like to thank Karl for his help in pointing me to the right direction. We would also like to thank Mike for his help in debugging a problem with prefixes which prevented history and statistics from working correctly. Also to note is that foreign language RSS feeds should work now.

We hope you’ll enjoy this release – and as always – we enjoy hearing your opinions


  1. ALAM says

    Hi Ofer,

    This version works fine with WP 2.7.1 too.

    One little tweak would be nice, the link to in the widget should open in a new window (target=_blank).

    I can do it, but I don’t want to mess with your code.


  2. Sean says


    I installed this on a site I maintain and broke NextGen Gallery, as well, it began defaulting to the blog page as home even though I had created a static home page and applied the settings under Read.

    Just an FYI.

    Oh, I’m suing WP 2.8.

    Thanks. I will try it again, maybe with a different config, as it looks great.

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