Version – Workers of the world – unite!

For the first of May, the international workers day we have finally released the very long overdue and anticipated version of

What is this version good for?

First – support for Baidu, the Chinese search giant which also have a translation engine, with the support for Cantonese which is rather unique for this engine. Another good thing is that with this engine, websites that are hosted in China can get access to a working translation engine.

Second – we have fixed the current key less support of both Google and Yandex, so actually they should work again now. So if a few pages in your site were not translated, the new version got you covered. A few languages were added in the process.

Third – lots of changes, additions and bug fixes all around. Yeah, we need to fix the documentation and FAQ for some.

Why are you still reading this? Just upgrade today, and work tomorrow!


  1. says

    Looks good. Thank you.

    Quick question: my server has Opcache installed, active and working. Will a future release os Transposh support Opcache?

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