Version 0.7.6 – Keep on rolling

Keeping on rolling

We are happy to present you all with our newest wordpress plugin release. This is a rolling release that does not include any major changes or something that is too groundbreaking. So we’ll just walk over the changelog and explain the news.

  • We have imported some improvements to the simple html dom which serves as the base to our parser from a new upstream release, not much news here
  • Allow setting of a post/page language with a simple select box. This is not a new feature, as this could have been handled in the past my adding the tp_language meta to the posts manually, however it does simplify the process, and it also make sure that translate default language is turned on so that the feature will actually work.
  • Warn about some conditions that we can’t fix and a user should probably be aware of. Currently there are two condition we notify about, which are the ones that made most of our support questions to date. First we warn about low memory conditions, and we urge people to increase their php memory limit (or switch to a decent hosting service). The second warning is about the lack of APC or similar which can improve the performance dramatically (again, switch to better hosting!). The warnings can be safely removed by pressing the small X symbol and the side which will assure that you won’t see those warnings in the near future.
  • Allow collecting of anonymized statisics upon user consent. Please please allow us to gather some data! we really want some vanity statistics like we are running on 1 zillion sites and are translating a gazillion pages per second!
  • Fixed some minor warning notices reported by users. No longer will your logs be clogged after removing our ads!
We have also revised the FAQ page, maybe we will avoid some repeating questions, or we’ll be able to tell users to read the FAQs for that…
Also – it is now easier than ever to show your everlasting support of this project by using the social buttons on the side, it does not cost you anything (maybe besides losing all your friends, fame and glory on facebook) so just do it!
We hope that you will enjoy this version, and would (like always) be happy to read your comments.


  1. says

    Didn’t realise until hours after updating I’d been 404’ing translated pages. Need to install that APC thingy. But I do have W3 Total Cache running, is this not as good as Super Cache?

    Thanks as always.

    • says

      Hello There,

      I can’t see any reason why the new version would 404 anything, there have not been any changes that should have effected anything in that area.

      Installing APC will improve performance quite nicely, but this is just a warning, and if your performance was good before that, you don’t have to install it (you can always clear the warning)

      regarding w3 total cache, it should work, however transposh never added integration to it (for example cache page invalidation upon a translation change) maybe at some future.

      Good luck

  2. says

    Updata latest vision, noted “We were not able to find a supported in-memory caching engine, installing one can improve performance. ” What’s wrong with it? Why in 0.7.5 is OK?

    • says

      0.7.5 had the same issue, but was not able to inform you about it, this is a part of what is actually new in 0.7.6 – telling you that installing a “supported in-memory caching engine” such as APC is actually a very good idea for Transposh

  3. says

    Thanks for your pluge. It is possible noted the Country Name as English Language. I did not know the exact country name in such version.

    Thank you very much!

  4. wedenin says

    Thanks for the new version of the plugin! It would be nice to do to translate the whole article from the admin panel, it would save a lot of time for users.

  5. Eric says

    In my head file I use following two type get the tile:
    <meta name="title" content="
    <meta name="description" content="
    title can get the translated tile, but the description just get the original one.. What should I do? Thank you?

  6. Donald says

    Thank you for your great plugin.

    telling you that installing a “supported in-memory caching engine” such as APC is actually a very good idea for Transposh.

    What does APC mean?
    How to install it.
    Sorry that I know too less, hehe!

    Thank you so much for your helps!

    • says

      Sorry for not replying earlier, this is just a warning, allowing webmasters to improve site performance, APC is advanced PHP Cache, and you can google for pear-apc and find all the details you will ever want, Transposh plugin uses it to improve performance and avoid db queries when its enabled

  7. says

    Wish for possibility to use widget in alternative widget areas in addition to the primary widget areas. With WordPress Theme Twentyten child I have primary, secondary and alternative widget areas – with certain Page templates using only the alternative widget areas. But once the widget has been put into the primary widget, I cannot also put to alternative widget area. : (

  8. says

    This site is on shared hosting and I am not sure if it will be possible to use an op-code and I have noticed since this latest update that Transposh is reporting “In-memory caching engine not found” and some of the translation is now very patchy. Isn’t there an alternative to using APC or Memcached for folks who can’t install them?

    • says

      Hello Terence

      This is a notification, which can be permanently removed by pressing the X on shared hosting there is little to do but asking your provider to install any of the alternatives, there’s not much we can do with that

      Good luck

  9. says

    In the end, I put myself through the pain barrier and asked the host admin to install APC, which he did without any fuss, and now not only Transposh but the whole site is running like a “stabbed rat”… excellent! The overall improvement in the site’s first page load-time from APC is quite spectacular in that it was already quite fast. It’s now down from 2.7 seconds to 1.3 seconds. And Transposh is doing its usual excellent job and playing its part in that, not delaying page loads whatsoever, so other languages are just as fast as the English default. Many thanks.

  10. Thomas says

    Hi, thanks for this wonderful plugin, works great, but I have one question:

    My WP and tp default language is spanish, with translation to english and german working fine. If (for example) a german user posts in german, and I switch back to default spanish, the post does get translated.

    However I seem not to be able to manually change the automatic translation in the default language.
    eg. does not show me the translation icons (green, amber, pink)
    whereas will show the transposh icons.

    Is it possible to review automatic translations into default language?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    • says


      The answer is yes, when translate in default language is enabled you should be able to edit translations, you can test it here on this site (As some comments were posted in different languages)

      • Thomas says

        many thanks for taking time to answer!

        I am just unable to edit translations for default language, what could I check to make it work?

        (The automatic translation eg. from DE to default ES works but with a horrible result)

      • Thomas says

        I found out that for some reason not clear to me, on my site the “data-srclang” attribute to the TP span tag is missing. Eg. on my site:
        <span id="tr_169" class="tr_" data-orig="Geschirrspülmaschine" data-source="0" data-token="R2VzY2hpcnJzcMO8bG1hc2NoaW5lIHZvbiBXaGlybHBvb2w,">Dishwasher</span>

        compared to a spanish comment on this site
        <span id="tr_3" class="tr_" data-orig="¿Y en que parte del código lo pongo" data-srclang="es" data-source="0" data-token="wr9ZIGVuIHF1ZSBwYXJ0ZSBkZWwgY8OzZGlnbyBsbyBwb25nbw,,">And, in what part of the code I must putting it</span>
        However the post on my site has the tp_language post meta/custom field defined as “de”.

        • says


          This is created by the plugin once the comment is created in a given language interface, we should enable the option to set a comment language in the backend in future versions.

  11. cp14 says

    Hi ofer & Terence,

    I have installed the last Transposh version 0.7.6, and have some errors:

    – All titles can not be translated
    – Content and other parts (menus ..) sometimes are translated , sometimes are not.
    – Description & Keywords can not be translated also.
    – When I click to Transposh setting, it appears: “We were not able to find a supported in-memory caching engine, installing one can improve performance. Check Transposh FAQs” . What’s wrong? I’m using W3 Total Cache plugin for caching.

    Now, how can I do?
    Remove W3 Total Cache and install APC?
    Install older Transposh version?
    Or other ways?

    Please help me to solve this problem step by step!

    Thank you very much!

    • says

      The translation errors you see are probably because of some jquery conflict, a quick glance at your browser javascript console will let you know if that’s the case.
      The warning is exactly that, a warning, you can safely ignore it, or read and act upon, don’t remove W3TC, install APC or memcached if you can, don’t downgrade…

      That’s the help I can give you with the information you provided, good luck

  12. marcus says

    i use this plugin since 1 years.
    translate stop for example in 2 second since 2 days, if i send my text or open my site. i muss wait 5 minute and it translate some text then stop again and i repeat it

    seen like translate google api take spam my IP or plugin api is old now?
    can you check it pls?
    thank, regards.

    • says


      Install firebug, or use chrome dev tools, look at the network tab and you can see if your IP is blocked, I really can’t check if your IP is blocked…

      Good luck

  13. says

    no longer works for me eather… i even tried to delete all automatic translations.. but that wasen’t enough…
    so i deleted any sql tables related to transposh and reinstalled.. but nothing.
    When i try to translate, the translation bar freezes, and content don’t get translated…
    The only thing that works, is the manual translation…

    • says


      You have done the opposite of what you should have done, anyhow – it is still translating but google is making a very tough limit.
      1. Manual translation
      2. See my tips on twitter (temp solution)
      3. Be patient
      4. Wait for coming release which solves this

      Have fun

  14. says


    Could you please provide information when new version of your plugin will be available.

    Currently Bing and Google has change policy and translations are not working.

    From 1st December Google will provide only paid version of service. Will your plugin allow to use it?

    • says


      The new version will be available soon, before the google deadline.
      Bing is already committed to the svn, Google fix will be soon.
      There are tweaks that enable both to work in the current version.
      The Google paid API will be available only if someone provides me with a key for testing, the google proxy will probably solve the issue for all others.

      I hope your questions are answered.

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