Version 0.7.1 – Release train keeps rolling

Release train keeps rolling

Work on transposh is commencing at full speed, and when a new version is reaching a stable state we attempt to release it to the masses for general consumption. This minor version does not bring any new major features but it does go to fix some points that needed attention.
So without further ado, lets review the changes:

  • Two language translations to the plugin were added, Dutch with the help of Roland Nieuwendijk and Russian with the help of Romans Matusevics. If you want to help, just contact us and get our eternal gratitude (and credits)
  • Marking of excerpts were fixed for tp_language posts
  • Dramatically reduce number of database queries on translatable urls (from thousands to one)
  • Fix for automatic translation when anonymous translation is not supported on non google engines
  • Fix buddypress (and hopefully other) redirections on single activities pages and other double redirected pages
  • Fix for regression with after post translation and translate all

We hope you’ll enjoy this version, and we are waiting for your comments and feedback.


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    Good to see great work continue! Just a quick question, are there any issues with gzip compression of translated pages or just the php method I was using?

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      I don’t know about any issues with gzipping and the plugin, the plugin actions normally happen before gzipping take place
      there might be a problem I know nothing of, so if you can reproduce it, just create a ticket in our trac.

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    I’m using transposh version 0.6.6 , now I want to upgrade to this version. So how can I do? and does it affect on the database.

    I like this plugins so much. But big problem is it causes high load server, and my sites were suspended on many hosting providers. In this version, i see “Dramatically reduce number of database queries on translatable urls (from thousands to one)” and I hope it is a truth.

    Thank you very much!

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      You can upgrade directly from your wordpress interface, or by extracting the newer version on top of the older one.

      I think that the sql reduction will apply to your site as you are using url translation heavily.

      Good luck, and I would appreciate it if you share your experiences with the new version with us

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    Dear Transposhers,

    I’m evaluating your plug-in for use with my team’s website and so far I’m impressed with what it can do… great work!

    I have a question (which perhaps is a feature request). Is this the right place to communicate it to you? Well, here it goes anyways:

    Is there a way that I can restrict the display of a post to just one language? For example, I want to post an article about an event in Brazil, only in Portuguese, for my Brazilian readers. I don’t want to have it translated into any other language. Is that possible?

    And, one more question: I want to add some social media icons (facebook | twitter | linkedin, etc), which link to the corresponding translated pages. Is there a way I can customize those URLs for each language?

    Thanks in advance for your help, and keep up the excellent work.

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      Thanks for the compliments, now to the questions
      1. There’s a class wrapping available for that “only_thislanguage” which will make a segment only show in a given language, you can probably add a code similar to the current tp_language meta handling in posts which will allow posts to be wrapped by this class and therefor do as you wished
      2. you can use the global my_transposh_plugin object and the language within it to achieve said modification, people use it sometime to display different images for different languages

      Good luck

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    Since WP 3.1 release I no more can edit translation: as I check the checkbox for a language (en), my webste return on my own language page (french). Any idea about this?

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    bonjour, merci beaucoup pour votre plugin transposh, il semble bien fonctionner (WordPress 3.0.5) sur mon site. la traduction est rapide; pas de nouvelle fenêtre d’ouverte vers “google ou autre” comme cela, votre solution est “invisible”. et l’option “Auto detect language for users” est pratique ! merci

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