Version 0.6.5 – Now features less bugs

By fastjack -
Bugs - gotta love them

Version 0.6.5 has focused on squashing some bugs (and a few regressions too). It is by far the most stable and best software that we have released today. It also adds support to some header magic for search engines.

Lets just review the change log here:

  • Fixed Slovenian flag bug reported by anphicle (It was Sierra Leon before that, thanks for the sharp eye!).
  • Fixed an issue with the way wordpress handles canonical redirects and url rewritings as reported by Marco, wordpress had no knowledge of the way we translated tag and category prefixed urls and therefore redirected them to the default language url. This fix also improved a canonical form of some URLs.
  • Fixed a bug with translate all and after post translation which hindered their ability to work – (thanks nightsurfer [ticket #122]) – we also took the time to improve the handling of passing information to the translate all to use a meta instead of a redirect.
  • Fixed json translation for buddypress stream issue – (thanks Inocima [ticket #121]).

We are now working on a cleanup in the our trac system, assigning open tickets to new milestones. Please try to make this effort hopeless by creating new tickets for us as fast as you can.

And as always – enjoy this version.


  1. says

    Hello, since automatic upgrade to 0.65 I had a problem on my pages: the German language file de_DE.po seemed to be defect. In the list of articles with the shorter forms of months the translation did not word. So instea of “OKT” you could see the complete German Translation “Okt_Oktober_abbreviation”. Only if English and German names are the same it was shown correctly. So deactivated 0.65, back to 0.61 (with 0.64 I will try later) – and: everything worked fine. Now I see “OKT”…

    • says

      Hello There,

      Will check this out, for now however you can probably disable gettext integration in the new plugin, which is better than downgrading

      Good luck

  2. says

    I have used your plugin to many sites. It helps my sites good indexing by Google, however, the sites always be suspended by hosting provider because of high load server.

    Before, I use it, but now, i have to remove it. Can you give me a solution (don’t mention about upgrading hosting)?

    • says

      I won’t tell you to upgrade your hosting, although that’s probably a good idea.

      What you can do is to use a few possible solutions:
      1. Use APC, this will reduce server load dramatically
      2. Use supercache or similar, this has its advantages and some disadvantages

      A reduction in load is to disable default language translate, which will prevent transposh from running on your original language pages, which normally takes most of the hits.

      any other solutions are welcomed

  3. says

    Thank you for your soon answer!

    You mean I have to uncheck: “Enable default language translation (Allow translation of default language – useful for sites with more than one major language)”. ?

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