Version 0.6.1 – Buddypress deeper integration

Buddypress, want to be buddies?

This version has a mix of new features and a couple of bug fixes for all the family, most notable is the addition of deeper buddypress support which introduces support for activity stream in different languages. This means that when a user comments on a post using a different version than the original one – the activity stream will be properly translated (given you set translate default language). The stream will also show translations made by logged in users. We now also have a group for the plugins users on the buddypress site at so if you use both and love them, you have the place to show this love, if you hate them and go there you will have our pity.

Another feature which we added thanks to Yoav’s presentation is the support for RTL themes which actually have RTL support built in (such as twenty ten, and the buddypress default theme). Your Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Yiddish users will be so happy they will make world peace so fast and stop making nukes and gefiltes.

Other fixes include

  • Fix for ms translate and non latin characters (ooops)
  • Fix rewrite urls and url translation issue when using custom structure (eg. when suffixed with .html) (thanks claudio)
  • Auto translation will not work in edit mode if auto translation is set to off (another oops)

Hope you’ll enjoy this release as much as we do.


  1. Revonorway says

    Would there be a possibility to add the option of disabling the translation activity being shown in the activity stream? In a website with many language, this clogs up the stream quite much, and users cannot see the other stuff going on…

    Thanks a lot!

    • says

      My guess was that it can be filtered out, there’s not much activity of this type, only when a human translator which is logged on translates. But ok, I will add the option to coming versions

  2. says

    dear ofer,
    i get exhausted with memory when try to generate sitemap with google sitemap plugin (with your modified sitemap core). I realise it because my blog has 1,959 posts, and 12 languange translation activated.
    Is there any clue to split my sitemap into 3-5 part?

    best regard,


    • says


      I did a project for on the sitemaps, where I generated a sitemap per language and an index file ~3 million URLs. No memory depletion there, however implementing this on the google sitemap plugin is non-trivial, and the author rejected my patches in the past (1 liner…) so maintenance of this would be too much of a hassle given my current priorities. This is a feature you can either code or ask the original plugin writer to implement.
      You can see my original post here:

      I am sorry there is little I can do for now

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