Version 0.5.3 – Ability to translate URLs

This new version allows urls on the site to be translated to given target languages. We would like to thank Hans from Cosmedia (a website about cosmetic surgery and treatments) for sponsoring the work done on this feature, as well as sponsoring a patch to support the custom permalinks plugin. If you are missing a feature, create a ticket for us at the development site and we’ll add it to our todo list. If you want to help us, sponsoring a feature development will help us make it happen faster, and the community to get a more complete product.

There are also further improvements included such as the fact that comments made at languages that are different than the default one are marked as such and become translatable at the default language (you need to mark the translate default language option in the settings), better support for wordpress super cache plugin, and a small upgrade in the jQueryUI version used that helps with wordpress 3.0 coming support.

Last item on this notice agenda is that we want you to know that we have a page on our development site where we maintain third party plugins compatibility list (with patches if required). On our wiki plugin support matrix page, as its a wiki, just create a user on the site and feel free to edit and improve this.


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    I upgraded today… but plugin has now stopped translating.

    Also how does the URL traslating work? as I dont see anything working on that either.


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      The URL translation takes the parts of the url that are translatable and attempts to translate them back and forth, forth is when the page is created, all urls are replaced to their translations, and back, is when a user requests such a url, the plugin tells wordpress which page the user actually referred to. you need to enable support for it in the settings.
      I would be happy to check why the plugin stopped translating, but I need some URL to look at…
      Good luck,

  2. says

    Translation of URL’s!!- I have been looking around for a translation plugin that was actually useable and today (the day you release the url translation version) I come across your plugin – thanks so much!
    Have had look at it and it works great – far better than anything out there.
    The things I really like about it are:
    – Url translation
    – on page editing
    – keeps custom navigation settings the same
    – Even translates All in one Seo meta and descriptions!

    Fantastic – Thank you…..

  3. says

    Thank you for this great plugin. Today I upgraded it to newer version. It work as expected. But there are some minor error I think.

    The default language used on my website is Bahasa Indonesia. After upgrading, it’s become English on the frontend while it’s in the admin page not changed.

    I’ve try to make English as my default language in admin page and it works. Then, change it back to Bahasa Indonesia, but the frontpage still display English by default.

    I don’t where the error exactly. I am still track it while writing this. Maybe it’s come from browser cache, but I don’t think so.

    Thank you for any help..

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      I am seeing your site in Bahasa, maybe you have enabled the language detection feature which sends you to the English page, is the url changing on your address bar?

      Good luck

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      I now see that its probably a problem with the default language, please try dragging the Basha to the top, and it should change. if it won’t work, I’ll contact you directly

      • says

        Firstly, I want to thank you for your help but today it’s no help anymore because my web has been suspended without notice. What do you think?

        No, I don’t mean it’s because of your plugin, but I just think why the host server admin suspended my account while I am repairing my website because I know there are some trouble, and that’s without notice too. It’s not fair, isn’t it?

  4. says

    Thank you for this fast reply. It’s now in Bahasa when I change default language to English. If I set default language to Bahasa, it’s displaying English as default.

  5. Davido says

    Awesome work with the translation of posts urls, that”s very handy and will help greatly with SEO. But what about pages? I get the error ‘page not found’ when I click on a page link that has been translated, post urls are fine like I said, they are being found without any errors. Why is this occurring?

    • Davido says

      One other thing, when I get the ‘page not found’ error, the page reverts back to default english translation. This will annoy visitors having to reselect their language again, a fix would be great. Thanks

        • says


          We thought we fixed it on 0.5.4 (this happened on pages that had for example hi (for hindi) in thier url, and it got translated) if it still happens, just reply with a url for us to test.

          sorry for not replying sooner, and godspeed

  6. says

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/****/public_html/ on line 2131

    im update new plugin, and with new patch but that were appeared. tell me how to solve it.

  7. says

    Why they are out of order in the admin the widgets? And why I can’t on the original translation in the newest version to modify?
    I tried the 0.3.4 version and they worked well there the widgets in the admin but I can’t translate there too.
    I hope for the next version already mistake you get it freely then who.
    Anyway very good little accessory!

    It, that let everything work I must to use the 0.5.2 version on the side, but in the widgets error write it as the picture shows it.

    • says

      Hello Kevin,
      I don’t understand your first two questions, so please rephrase them
      I also don’t get the error you see, It does not look to be in my code, although it might be, does this go away when transposh is disabled?

      • says

        My english is little bit poor I ask you for this i’m sorry.

        If the transposh is turned off then well everything works.

        My first question is: Why don’t work the widgets in the admin surface if the transposh is enabled?

        My second is: Why I can’t translate in the brand new version at 0.5.3 if i use edit translation?

        I must use 0.5.2 version becouse i can translate with this.

        But is out of order yet at me the enable default language translation and who knows it yet what is not workin.

        Did this mistake occur with me only?

        • says

          I hope I got it right this time
          1. We didn’t enable it on the admin interface, because it will be too much work for too little benefit, We prefer investing the time in other, (which we hope) are more important features
          2. Nope, we guess a bug crawled in there, 0.5.4 is just out – please give it a try

  8. says

    Just a couple of questions / possible errors:
    – sometimes the url does not translate properly, is there a way to change this as the permalinks pick up the untranslated text (normally only one or 2 words in the Url)? I have just had another look and I think the problem is that the Title is not being translated properly (as this is what the permalinks are picking up) is there a way to preview the title as changing permalinks after posting is a pain. Also sometimes it doesnt translate the catagory.
    – Is there anyway to amend the page source code (eg meta description)
    – or are the individual pages stored somewhere on the server folder so they can be amended there?
    Thanks again

    • says

      Hello Rob,

      The sometimes is when the url was not yet translated, if you enabled translate on post it should happen rather quickly, the translate all also works, however unfortunately there still is no way to fix this translation. Will be in some future 😉
      a nice addition might be to create a 301 response when the url is not exactly accurate, however this would be a tricky patch and we are not sure we want to focus our energy there.
      The meta description is also being translated, as good as the plugin can for now. The idea is that in a coming future version we’ll create an interface to show all fragments that exists on the page, metas included.
      There are no pages stored on the server for editing, but you can always update the translation table directly, although I won’t recommend this.

      Good luck

  9. says

    Thanks for your answers. Could the fact that .html at the end could cause the last word not to translate? Also after translated the permalinks do not change (after using as an example %post% ) If I set back to draft and reposted will this work?

    Also the widget for transposh – would it be possible to have on as a header at the top so on everypage the flags appear as a small header running across the top of the page for easier navigation?

    If the pages are not pages do search engines see what is stored in the translation table and read these as pages?

    • says

      Many questions, here are some answers:
      1. yes, the .html will probably interrupt
      2. they change as soon as a translation exists for them, just reposting is normally good enough, but translate all is probably a better option anyhow
      3. I assume it is possible, you might have to tweak the code a bit
      4. The translation pages are very much pages as your wordpress pages are pages, so a crawler paging over those pages will probably page them as a page would normally be paged

      Good luck

  10. says

    Thanks for your answers. Just done some further checking and there are quite a few 404 errors which look like:

    (URL) /component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,it/

    I have added the no 404 errors plugin and I hope this works.

    I am also getting quite a few duplicate Meta descriptions and title tags – is there anyway round this?
    Thanks again.

    • says

      Hi Rob,

      The meta issue is being worked on, it also gets translated if it matches an existing phrase on the page, a future version will tackle this better.

      I don’t get the 404 errors, those should not happen, but if you want me to really see them I need to see a url that creates such bad links

      good luck

  11. says


    The redirect plugin did the trick as 404’s are all redirecting to a set page. Have a look at,com_weblinks/task,view/catid,922/id,21/lang,it/
    as an example of a page created and now redirected.

    As for meta I use the first 160 words of the post for the excerpt – I am using all in one seo which is where the problem may be. It sometimes translates some of this but normally not all of it.

    Look forward to the update… thanks again.

  12. says

    So if anyone comes across my problem, you should do a test post with the phrase inside the copy, have it translated and correct the translation to take the apostrophe out of it, it will fix the URL in the original translated post. It’s not perfect though because the phrase will be wrong (leaving Farmers Market instead of Farmer’s Market) but it’s a quick fix.

    Thanks so much for the idea Ofer.

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