Version 0.4.1 – Faster for your clients

This new version includes the first part of optimizing the client side experience with transposh. Now, instead of loading libraries that might not be used, the plugin opts to load those upon demand. The first thing you can notice is that google translate api, microsoft translate api and jquery api are only loaded when they are really required. The script used by transposh has also been reduced in size and is now only 3kb of javascript. In the next step of optimization we will take out the edit interface part to a separate file.
Work was also done on optimizing the .css files, with a reduction in the number of inclusions so that under normal widget use there will only be one file used.
If anything breaks for you, on any browser or theme. Just let us know.
Unfortunately, this release won’t include support for jQuery 1.4 as there’s a bug in the jQuery UI tabs which prevents the upgrade at this point, We will probably upgrade once the next version of jQuery UI goes live.


  1. says

    Ich habe Version 0.4.1 und XML Sitemap Generator für WordPress 3.2.2 installiert.
    Alles klappt nun gut. Aber bei 1000 Beiträgen und 30 Sprachen, explodiert die Sitemap.xml

    Leider läst sich die XML nicht teilen und wird von Google abgelehnt. Gibt es eine Lösung


  2. says

    Hello Peter,

    As far as I know google accepts up to 50,000 urls per sitemap, so you should have made it. Can you send the error message?
    I don’t see any facility in the google-xml-sitemaps for splitting files, so although google supports this, it won”t cut it.
    What can be done is reduce the number of languages for which you generate sitemaps, this can be done in the transposh hook, let me know if you want this.

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