Version 0.3.0 – Bing (MSN) translator

We are proud to add support in this release to a second translation engine. This one is the Bing (MSN) translator by Microsoft.

The results it gives are quite different from the ones you get from Google translate, sometimes better, sometimes worse.

A minor setback for default activation is that this service is still in beta and an invite is required, We have a very small amount we can share so if you want one, just comment on this post, first comes – first served basis.

Also – we haven’t activated Bing translator as a default automatic translator yet and we would like to hear your opinions on that. If enough people request this feature, we will put more effort into enable this in the coming release. In the meanwhile – you are welcomed to test this feature on this site, just start translating and use the Bing suggest button.


  1. Judy C says

    Hi I would like to try to bing translate please, we are not happy with global translate violatiing google TOS and we want to switch and I would like to try another one.

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