Version 0.2.7 – Iranian “elections”

Thanks to the latest Iranian elections google have added Persian support to google translate, We have decided to follow suit. If you want – you are now able to have your wordpress site translated to Farsi or from Farsi. Just go to the administrative interface and add this language, its that simple. Nothing else is new, yet.


  1. Pierre says

    Hi ofer,

    firstly i really want to thank you for the great plugin :).

    Then i just submit to you a little bug i’ve found.
    If on the blog (WP 2.7.1) i decided to show a page in “Options -> Reading” the plugin show articles on front page not the selected page (with our without url rewriting).

    Perhaps you can add somewhere or in your FAQ than users who use php speedy ( will have to deactivate it, add “transposh.js” in the ignore list, click on “Test configuration” then reactivate it 😉 .

    And i have a question too.
    I’ve tested Global translator ( and it use the Google Translator engine too but it’s really weird, the translation are differents…
    Why the automatic translation are not the same when i used your plugins or this one ? The translation from Global translation seems to be a little better than yours :$ .
    But i definitely prefer to support a free works like yours than its “pro” version.

    TIA for your answer(s).



    • says

      Hello Pierre,

      Thanks for the comments, I’ll add this item to the FAQ.

      Regarding different auto translation, since Transposh breaks text into shorter segments and translates those, instead of more complex items – translation might be a little different, We do plan of adding more complex segment handling in the future that might indeed improve on this point.

      Looking forward to more comments.

  2. mohammad hassan says

    سلام بر همگی
    من هم از شما مدیر محترم بابت اضافه کردن زبان فارسی به این پلاگین کمال تشکر را دارم
    با امید موفقیت روز افزون
    for translate from farsi to another languages click on the your flag on the sidebar and translate this comment

  3. mohammad hassan says

    HI ALL
    i’m using this plugin and i like add a option tin this plugin
    whene a page translate complete , add this page to sitmap.xml

    thanks alot

  4. mohammad hassan says

    hi i install this plgin after 2 day in admin area show

    Total of 2125 translated phrases.

    but now after 5day this number not uper and some of text not translate
    what are donig now ?

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