Translation can drive traffic to your site

We have received information (and a nice picture) from Mike Jan from iPhone bashing site. traffic jump after transposh filter install traffic jump after transposh filter install

Transposh aims to make your site much more accessible to others, which naturally includes search engines. This in turn allows more users to get to your site and find your content (even if originally it was written in a language they can’t understand). This site serves as a perfect example, originally written in German, when its great content became translated (and therefor much more available) its reach skyrocketed 😉

We welcome others to share their own stories on comments to this post, have you experienced similar success? Nothing at all? What do you feel is still missing? We’re always happy to hear.


  1. says

    For this Screenshot i must say i have added every translated Site to all search engines like

    How to improve the Traffic as much?
    * Cache every Site (because search-engines dont like it to wait for content).
    * Add every translation you need to the search engines.
    * Wait a 6-10 Day’s for indexing, and another 4-5 Days for search engine results

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    This is a good plugin but I have a question. When a post is translated does the translated copy of the post get stored on our site?

    I have been using Global Translator and it stores all translations and make them indexable by Google.

    I got a lot of traffic by people searching for keywords in their own languages.

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      Basically yes, translation is stored on the site and is google indexable (afaik)

      actually, it is more resilient to text changes and comments than other plugins that I know

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