Version 0.8.0 – Attack of the APIs

When APIs fight

Well ahead of the deadline posed by Google Translate API to stop working, we were finally able to compile this new release. This one followed a long period of problems that were presented by the older version, mainly because of the fact that Google decided to pose limitations on usage before their deadline which caused the previous versions support requests to surge to new heights. The Google change also triggered an API limit in the Bing translation API, since users were switching engines, which overloaded the Transposh hard coded API key for Bing.

However, we survived this period to provide you with our latest and greatest version. This version fixes these problems be providing a bypass (Proxy for Google and temp keys for MSN) and it also allows you to use your own key directly (thanks to Randy from spyware help center for providing us with his key for testing) which will take precedence over those other methods. While doing this we were able to dramatically improve the infrastructure of the plugin, changing the way AJAX calls were performed to a method that is native to WordPress (e.g. if your admin page works, it should probably work as well). While doing that we were able to reduce javascript code needed for the backend while allowing the translate all feature to work much faster (and supporting Apertium too!).

At this point we had a solid version, which seemed like a good thing to release, but no, we had to have some other features in, so we finally decided to tackle the issue of multiple widgets support (and title selection too, yippee!). Seems quite straight forward? but no, this caused a major rewrite of our widget infrastructure as well. Actually improving it quite drastically with changing the way css was added, and the way the widgets notified the servers of change in language (we now avoid a useless POST call to the server). While writing that we were lucky enough to stumble upon a PHP5.3 to PHP5.2 incompatibility issue with a set of other problems which held our release back another week. We want to thank the many users that have put up with our beta releases and helped us find problems that were hidden under layers of code and complexity.

We also took this opportunity to change our terms slightly, if you are displaying Google ads from AdSense on your translated pages, we will take 1/1000 of that space for use with our own adsense code, so if Transposh is helping you generate a revenue of $10K you will be buying us coffee! So thanks! To clarify things a bit, we don’t create additional ad space on your page, and we won’t insert any ads or change your layout, if you have no ads, we do nothing. If you think that this is asking too much, you may simply delete our plugin, whistle a soft tune, and be on your way. If you want a commercial license, we don’t sell them yet, but they’ll probably cost more.

Other changes to this version include:

  • Added Catalan and Hindi support for Bing – speaks for itself.
  • Dropdown widget improved css – it actually looks much better now.
  • Support for Memcached – if APC and other opcode caches were too much for you, now you may use memcached and have a lot of fun.
  • Better 404 page handling (don’t create new links to non-existing pages) – meaning the google crawler will hassle your site less.
  • Fix caching on rackspace cloudsites – they had x-cache installed for opcode cache, but with no user memory, which caused a surge in logfiles – now fixed.
  • Many more minor fixes – We might count those, but we don’t have enough fingers.
  • Turkish Translation by Semih Yeşilyurt.

We hope you’ll enjoy this version, and as always, waiting for your comments, ideas, suggestions and flames.

P.S – Tested on WordPress 3.3 beta4, works great.

Version 0.5.7 – Pluggable widgets

Octopus by Dr. Dwayne Meadows, NOAA/NMFS/OPR
Paul is being interviewed by Transposh team

We invited Paul the octopus to Transposh for a couple of beers following his latest success in the world cup. We asked him to make a few predictions for us regarding the coming version of Transposh, and since after drinking too much he was really cooperative we had the chance to make an exclusive interview with him.

We first asked him about the new version of Transposh, the one with support for writing your own language widget (want to know how? go to our widget writing guide). He said that as an octopus he really likes things with sockets or things that are pluggable anyhow, so he predicted this feature will be a great success (after seeing the javascript based widget sample). He also gave us a fair warning that if someone misses those ul tags (and know what they meant) they can quickly code their own widget.

After that part he became kinda silent, and reminded us by winking that octopuses can’t really talk. So we decided to go for the two boxes trickery, we put a box with a nice picture of a big, and another one with a picture of a feature (huh?), and we waited for him to open whichever box he saw fit. Naturally he opened the bug box, which we saw as a reason to write the normal warning that bugs might even slip through our testing (even with the help of an eight armed prophet working for us on QA). We also used the opportunity to write a quick guide on how to get a development version for debugging on our wiki.

And last note, whoever wants to give us a hand (or leg), or wants to share his widget creation with the world is more than welcomed to contact us.

Enjoy today’s match, any questions to Paul will be forwarded directly to him.

P.S – usual share of bug fixes are in, fixed a few languages in msn translate and added a few languages to the settings (still not auto translatable – but will soon be)

Update: thanks to a critical bug found in some situations, 0.5.6 was promptly replaced with 0.5.7 thanks for all those who reported this, with special thanks to dgrut.

Version 0.3.9 – More flexibility

The new version includes two major features. The first is the ability to sort the languages on the widget, you can now put your default language first or move languages around in any way you like. Icons have appeared that tell you if the language is supported by bing and google and if the language is written form right to left. You can also switch between the original name of the language and its English name, so understanding which language is which becomes even cleared.

We have also moved some files around and enabled an ajax entry file, this makes the alternate post settings redundant (we hope, let us know if you find bugs) and makes things generally snappier. If you are used to just unzipping the new version over the old one, it is now safe to delete all files that are not in sub-directories (save for transposh.php) heck, we even recommend that…

Some more exciting features are planned for the next release, and if you want to keep informed. Follow our twitter stream…

Version 0.2.1

Naturally, after every major release comes an update. This update fixes really small issues (which just effected broken html – need a reminder regarding code checking?). We would to thank Fernanda and Mike which brought the issues to our attention. As a small gift for this release we have added a new widget appearance you are welcomed to try out, have fun! 🙂