Version 0.7.1 – Release train keeps rolling

Release train keeps rolling

Work on transposh is commencing at full speed, and when a new version is reaching a stable state we attempt to release it to the masses for general consumption. This minor version does not bring any new major features but it does go to fix some points that needed attention.
So without further ado, lets review the changes:

  • Two language translations to the plugin were added, Dutch with the help of Roland Nieuwendijk and Russian with the help of Romans Matusevics. If you want to help, just contact us and get our eternal gratitude (and credits)
  • Marking of excerpts were fixed for tp_language posts
  • Dramatically reduce number of database queries on translatable urls (from thousands to one)
  • Fix for automatic translation when anonymous translation is not supported on non google engines
  • Fix buddypress (and hopefully other) redirections on single activities pages and other double redirected pages
  • Fix for regression with after post translation and translate all

We hope you’ll enjoy this version, and we are waiting for your comments and feedback.

Version 0.6.0 – Going from fast to faster

Image by Nathan Eal Photography
was fast but now faster

This version is a major release, and there is lots of new stuff in this release. so lets get over the list of items

  • Now there is support for auto batch translations which makes translations faster and improves user experience, previously Transposh has to load scripts from the various auto translation backends and then it would iterate on the phrases one by one to get translations, now those are grouped together for reducing the numbers of requests made, the fact that no external scripts are loading reduces complexity and improves speed.
  • MSN (bing) translator does no longer require a key, as they have upgrades their API and switched to using an application key, you can now just select the default translation engine at will, if this engine is not available for that language – Transposh will resort to using the other one.
  • Transposh Google Proxy is now included to enable translation for Alpha level languages from Google (with 5 new languages supported – Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Georgian and Urdu) – this proxy is located inside the plugin and redirects requests to google translate from your server allowing the script to use them. This process is slow – it increases the load on your server – and is generally not very recommended, and will be eliminated as soon as Google releases those languages to general consumption. But if you have the urgent need to translate your site to the Azeri people, at least you can do that.
  • The Transposh logo and backlink can now be removed from the widget, if you choose this option – Transposh will attempt to make some money of existing ad space on your translated pages only, this money will help us in our development effort, if you don’t want to lose any money from your ads, just keep the link. The terms are readable here.
  • The translate all button was also revamped, and should be much faster using batching.

The usual share of bug fixes is here, and I would like to thank Rogelio and Marko for their insightful comments and contribution to fixing those bugs. An attempt was made at the plugin header error, but as we can’t reproduce it we don’t know if it works, so crossing our fingers. If this release is badly broken for you, please report this at the comments here, create tickets for us in our trac. Bug us on our twitter account or our facebook page or by calling our cell phones, preferably at 3 am. You can always revert to the previous version, we are not offended.

We hope you’ll enjoy this version.

Version 0.5.1 – Database improvements

This new version solves a very old problem with translating phrases longer than 255 characters. This change did not sacrifice speed, but actually enhanced it with a fine tuned index to match. By working on the database code we have also discovered a way to make the plugin perform much faster (mainly when APC caching was not used) where we now group many translation queries to the database into a single query.

A smaller bug with translation textarea tags was also solved thanks to timo.

Like always – looking forward for your feedbacks.

Version 0.4.2 – The answer?

What was the question? Anyone?
Maybe – Does this version support translation from Haitian? Yes
Maybe – Can Bing translate be used to generate auto translate? Yes
Maybe – Did you finish optimizations and reduced the script size to 1.5k when gzipped (with added functionality)? Yes

We hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as we do.

Version 0.4.1 – Faster for your clients

This new version includes the first part of optimizing the client side experience with transposh. Now, instead of loading libraries that might not be used, the plugin opts to load those upon demand. The first thing you can notice is that google translate api, microsoft translate api and jquery api are only loaded when they are really required. The script used by transposh has also been reduced in size and is now only 3kb of javascript. In the next step of optimization we will take out the edit interface part to a separate file.
Work was also done on optimizing the .css files, with a reduction in the number of inclusions so that under normal widget use there will only be one file used.
If anything breaks for you, on any browser or theme. Just let us know.
Unfortunately, this release won’t include support for jQuery 1.4 as there’s a bug in the jQuery UI tabs which prevents the upgrade at this point, We will probably upgrade once the next version of jQuery UI goes live.