Version 0.6.5 – Now features less bugs

By fastjack -
Bugs - gotta love them

Version 0.6.5 has focused on squashing some bugs (and a few regressions too). It is by far the most stable and best software that we have released today. It also adds support to some header magic for search engines.

Lets just review the change log here:

  • Fixed Slovenian flag bug reported by anphicle (It was Sierra Leon before that, thanks for the sharp eye!).
  • Fixed an issue with the way wordpress handles canonical redirects and url rewritings as reported by Marco, wordpress had no knowledge of the way we translated tag and category prefixed urls and therefore redirected them to the default language url. This fix also improved a canonical form of some URLs.
  • Fixed a bug with translate all and after post translation which hindered their ability to work – (thanks nightsurfer [ticket #122]) – we also took the time to improve the handling of passing information to the translate all to use a meta instead of a redirect.
  • Fixed json translation for buddypress stream issue – (thanks Inocima [ticket #121]).

We are now working on a cleanup in the our trac system, assigning open tickets to new milestones. Please try to make this effort hopeless by creating new tickets for us as fast as you can.

And as always – enjoy this version.

Version 0.3.3 – 9 New languages

We would like to thank Google for adding support for 9 new languages: Afrikaans, Belarusian, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Malay, Swahili, Welsh and Yiddish. We have added support to our wordpress plugin which took a little while because of the following critical issue. What flag should we use for Yiddish? First thing we would like to say is that flags are changeable, just follow the FAQ and if you don’t like our choices, no one is forcing you.

After a short debate we have decided to give Yiddish the european union flag because of two reasons, one – the language originated there, not in any specific country and second – the flag does not stand for any specific country in a similar way to the language which can not be connected to any country. If anyone has better suggestions, we are open to hear them.

This release also follows a few weeks of silence, in which we have been quietly thinking and discussing new features, which we hope we’ll be able to release soon, any help and feedback will not only be appreciated but will also help us deliver a better product.

Version 0.2.8 – CSS Sprites

The new version adds experimental support for CSS sprites. This reduces the page load times (when applicable) and improves the Google’s page speed and Yahoo’s Yslow scores. There is also a set of back-end code which allows sprites to be created to fit one’s needs (if you have only six flags and not 40, why use a 12k image?). This is not yet available – but we can give the correct files to anyone who needs them, just contact us or comment on this post. We would also like to specially thank Marek Fišer for his help with the css which allowed us to get rid of the now useless blank.gif, not only in the css files but also in the translation interface.

A few bugs were fixed in this version, ranging from using livewriter to the problem with returning to the original language in the widget, the change log is your friend here.

Another request – please use our trac ( to file bugs, this helps us (and you) get better responses and tracking on bugs progress, and also allows us to avoid duplicate work.

We hope you’ll enjoy this release.

CSS sprites coming

The next version, which is coming at the end of next week will include support for css sprites for the flag widget. This have advantages in terms of speed and number of requests made to the web server. The code is already active on this site and we would appreciate that you let us know of any issues you encounter on the client side (non standard browsers – IE6, etc).

Anyone that want to take the code for a spin, is more than welcomed to contact us to get the pre-release code.