Version 0.6.4 – The shoemaker is no longer barefoot

Image by Matt Mullenweg
Matt and Me

This time we are joined by nobody else than Matt Mullenweg, the creator of the WordPress platform.

In the following completely fake interview, Matt will help us all understand what is new in 0.6.4:

Ofer: Hello Matt, how are you today?
Matt: I have never been so excited about a point 0.01 release of a plugin before!
Ofer: Why is that?
Matt: I think that you are finally getting the spirit of wordpress in this release
Ofer: Am I?
Matt: Yes, you are finally integrating with the platform instead of hacking around it, I really like the fact that you finally took the time and made your plugin interface and administration pages translatable, and since you are that good, you get a free blog!
Ofer: Gee, thanks! now how will I get other people to make translations of my plugin?
Matt: Just ask your users to do that, I am sure you’ll give them credit.
Ofer: Tell them the whole thing about poedit and stuff?
Matt: Come on, as I am always saying, there’s a plugin for that! And you should probably know since you translated it yourself and contributed some minor fixes.
Ofer: You mean codestyling localization?
Matt: Yes, that’s the one, anyone can use it. But I have a question for you
Ofer: For me?
Matt: Yes, why didn’t you use Transposh for doing that?
Ofer: Didn’t really see the reason, as there’s already a great plugin for it, why replicate?
Matt: I see that you are finally getting it.
Ofer: Getting what?
Matt: The spirit of wordpress, sharing, caring, open source, and free love.
Ofer: I sure hope so, thank you so much for being with us.
Matt: Thank you, next time, please interview me on a major feature, if I had to do fake interviews for every minor plugin release in wordpress, I’ll never have free time to actually improve wordpress and come to wordcamps.
Ofer: Will take notice, thanks again!

Well, thanks Matt for joining us, some features also added to this version is the Latin translation added (with google translation support), three new languages added to Bing translate. The ability to disable the gettext integration where it causes problems, with some other fixes.

As always – we hope you will enjoy this version

Version 0.5.7 – Pluggable widgets

Octopus by Dr. Dwayne Meadows, NOAA/NMFS/OPR
Paul is being interviewed by Transposh team

We invited Paul the octopus to Transposh for a couple of beers following his latest success in the world cup. We asked him to make a few predictions for us regarding the coming version of Transposh, and since after drinking too much he was really cooperative we had the chance to make an exclusive interview with him.

We first asked him about the new version of Transposh, the one with support for writing your own language widget (want to know how? go to our widget writing guide). He said that as an octopus he really likes things with sockets or things that are pluggable anyhow, so he predicted this feature will be a great success (after seeing the javascript based widget sample). He also gave us a fair warning that if someone misses those ul tags (and know what they meant) they can quickly code their own widget.

After that part he became kinda silent, and reminded us by winking that octopuses can’t really talk. So we decided to go for the two boxes trickery, we put a box with a nice picture of a big, and another one with a picture of a feature (huh?), and we waited for him to open whichever box he saw fit. Naturally he opened the bug box, which we saw as a reason to write the normal warning that bugs might even slip through our testing (even with the help of an eight armed prophet working for us on QA). We also used the opportunity to write a quick guide on how to get a development version for debugging on our wiki.

And last note, whoever wants to give us a hand (or leg), or wants to share his widget creation with the world is more than welcomed to contact us.

Enjoy today’s match, any questions to Paul will be forwarded directly to him.

P.S – usual share of bug fixes are in, fixed a few languages in msn translate and added a few languages to the settings (still not auto translatable – but will soon be)

Update: thanks to a critical bug found in some situations, 0.5.6 was promptly replaced with 0.5.7 thanks for all those who reported this, with special thanks to dgrut.