Version 0.5.3 – Ability to translate URLs

This new version allows urls on the site to be translated to given target languages. We would like to thank Hans from Cosmedia (a website about cosmetic surgery and treatments) for sponsoring the work done on this feature, as well as sponsoring a patch to support the custom permalinks plugin. If you are missing a feature, create a ticket for us at the development site and we’ll add it to our todo list. If you want to help us, sponsoring a feature development will help us make it happen faster, and the community to get a more complete product.

There are also further improvements included such as the fact that comments made at languages that are different than the default one are marked as such and become translatable at the default language (you need to mark the translate default language option in the settings), better support for wordpress super cache plugin, and a small upgrade in the jQueryUI version used that helps with wordpress 3.0 coming support.

Last item on this notice agenda is that we want you to know that we have a page on our development site where we maintain third party plugins compatibility list (with patches if required). On our wiki plugin support matrix page, as its a wiki, just create a user on the site and feel free to edit and improve this.

Version 0.2.9 – Bug fixes

The last few days were used to fix some bugs reported by our users. Full credits are given in the change log. We would like to thank everyone who is reporting bugs to us because it helps us improve this software for everyone.

We also enjoy supporting you and are trying to leave no stones unturned in order to help you, feel free to contact us, and if we haven’t answered within a reasonable period – just contact us again!

We were also asked about donations (twice this week). So first – at this point we don’t accept any money donations (although we appreciate your intentions) but we do accept a few other forms of donations. Donate us time by sending bug reports (and even better, patches 😉 ) , spread the knowledge about this plugin by writing something in your blogs or favorite forums, vote for this plugin in the wordpress plugin directory so more people will use it and finally – you can always help us by checking and translating this site to your mother-tongues.

We hope you’ll enjoy this version as much as we do 🙂