Version 0.7.1 – Release train keeps rolling

Release train keeps rolling

Work on transposh is commencing at full speed, and when a new version is reaching a stable state we attempt to release it to the masses for general consumption. This minor version does not bring any new major features but it does go to fix some points that needed attention.
So without further ado, lets review the changes:

  • Two language translations to the plugin were added, Dutch with the help of Roland Nieuwendijk and Russian with the help of Romans Matusevics. If you want to help, just contact us and get our eternal gratitude (and credits)
  • Marking of excerpts were fixed for tp_language posts
  • Dramatically reduce number of database queries on translatable urls (from thousands to one)
  • Fix for automatic translation when anonymous translation is not supported on non google engines
  • Fix buddypress (and hopefully other) redirections on single activities pages and other double redirected pages
  • Fix for regression with after post translation and translate all

We hope you’ll enjoy this version, and we are waiting for your comments and feedback.

Version 0.3.2 – Some small fixes

This version comes to fix some small issues that gathered while we are working on some more major functionality. The main fix is the one that allows the use of a main static page which caused issues in the past. A smaller issue regarding some blank pages was also fixed. If you encounter white pages, just contact us or comment here and we’ll make it work (no php4 please…).

We would like to thank Anthony for his help in reporting and debugging those issues as well as for his help with this site translation to Russian.