Version 0.5.0 – Back up

Today we have released v0.5.0 which is a relatively major change to the plugin as it offers two features that were requested by many.

The first one is the inclusion of a backup service inside the plugin. You can choose between either manually backing up, having the backup done for you daily or allowing the backup to happen live. Backup is only done for human translations, and in the live backup mode, the plugin simply sends the new translation to the backup service.
This backup service runs on top of the google appengine infrastructure, so its quite fast and scalable.

The second feature is the mass translate facility, now included in the transposh settings page. You can just hit the “Translate All Now” button and every page and post will be translated for you, slowly but surely. Note that the translation is done on the client side, and not the server side and with sufficient latency so there is no fear of your server abusing the automated translation service.

The next releases towards the 0.6.0 version will focus more on the user (translator) experience and multi-lingual blog wrtiting integrations.
Your ideas are always welcomed, just comment here or go to

Version 0.3.9 – More flexibility

The new version includes two major features. The first is the ability to sort the languages on the widget, you can now put your default language first or move languages around in any way you like. Icons have appeared that tell you if the language is supported by bing and google and if the language is written form right to left. You can also switch between the original name of the language and its English name, so understanding which language is which becomes even cleared.

We have also moved some files around and enabled an ajax entry file, this makes the alternate post settings redundant (we hope, let us know if you find bugs) and makes things generally snappier. If you are used to just unzipping the new version over the old one, it is now safe to delete all files that are not in sub-directories (save for transposh.php) heck, we even recommend that…

Some more exciting features are planned for the next release, and if you want to keep informed. Follow our twitter stream…

Version 0.2.3 – New control center

Today’s release of transposh plugin includes a new control panel for the plugin. This new control panel offers better usability and statistics for the plugin. Also included is a feature that allows you to translate the default language as well. This is good for the case you are writing your blog in more than one language, or your readers leave comments in multiple languages. I would like to thank Db0 for suggesting this new feature.

One of the improved usability features of this release is that the control page now include a link to suggest new features (or report bugs) so feel free to use it!