Version 0.6.5 – Now features less bugs

By fastjack -
Bugs - gotta love them

Version 0.6.5 has focused on squashing some bugs (and a few regressions too). It is by far the most stable and best software that we have released today. It also adds support to some header magic for search engines.

Lets just review the change log here:

  • Fixed Slovenian flag bug reported by anphicle (It was Sierra Leon before that, thanks for the sharp eye!).
  • Fixed an issue with the way wordpress handles canonical redirects and url rewritings as reported by Marco, wordpress had no knowledge of the way we translated tag and category prefixed urls and therefore redirected them to the default language url. This fix also improved a canonical form of some URLs.
  • Fixed a bug with translate all and after post translation which hindered their ability to work – (thanks nightsurfer [ticket #122]) – we also took the time to improve the handling of passing information to the translate all to use a meta instead of a redirect.
  • Fixed json translation for buddypress stream issue – (thanks Inocima [ticket #121]).

We are now working on a cleanup in the our trac system, assigning open tickets to new milestones. Please try to make this effort hopeless by creating new tickets for us as fast as you can.

And as always – enjoy this version.

Version 0.6.1 – Buddypress deeper integration

Buddypress, want to be buddies?

This version has a mix of new features and a couple of bug fixes for all the family, most notable is the addition of deeper buddypress support which introduces support for activity stream in different languages. This means that when a user comments on a post using a different version than the original one – the activity stream will be properly translated (given you set translate default language). The stream will also show translations made by logged in users. We now also have a group for the plugins users on the buddypress site at so if you use both and love them, you have the place to show this love, if you hate them and go there you will have our pity.

Another feature which we added thanks to Yoav’s presentation is the support for RTL themes which actually have RTL support built in (such as twenty ten, and the buddypress default theme). Your Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Yiddish users will be so happy they will make world peace so fast and stop making nukes and gefiltes.

Other fixes include

  • Fix for ms translate and non latin characters (ooops)
  • Fix rewrite urls and url translation issue when using custom structure (eg. when suffixed with .html) (thanks claudio)
  • Auto translation will not work in edit mode if auto translation is set to off (another oops)

Hope you’ll enjoy this release as much as we do.

Version 0.5.5 – Buddypress Support

Did you arm your vuvuzelas yet for the wordpress 3.0 release? Now you can do that and enjoy the fact that the latest transposh plugin for wordpress offers support for the new wordpress, and as a bonus, support for buddypress. This support for buddypress now means that urls generated and answered by it will now be translatable.

More changes include additional support for conditions that made the UI unworkable, when for example jQuery tools was used with some plugin or theme, now – we are able to make it work.

Like previously since a new major version of wordpress is out, we are dropping official support for the older wordpress 2.8 version, the plugin should still function but it will not be tested and patched for that version and we recommend that you upgrade.

As always – we want to hear you out, what features you want? and which team will win the world cup? just drop your comments here.