अलविदा wordpress.org

अलविदा wordpress.org
त्यसैले लामो, हामी चुसकहरू थिए… 🙁

चार वर्ष WordPress भण्डार गर्न जाने पछि, र 189,795 डाउनलोड पछि, Transposh को wordpress.org भण्डार छोडनु हुनेछ.

जाहिर, यो सबै समय हाम्रो विजेट हाम्रो साइट को लागि एक कडी थियो, र यो हटाउन सम्भव थियो हुनत, यो wordpress.org नियम विरुद्ध थियो.

यो हामी स्वीकार गर्न सक्दैन भनेर एक दिशानिर्देश छ, हामी हाम्रो काम को लागि क्रेडिट पाउनुपर्ने विश्वास. Twitter भन्दा कम छैन, Facebook, वा तेस्रो पार्टी प्रदान कुनै पनि अन्य प्रसिद्ध कम्पनी बाहिर त्यहाँ widgets.

हामी पनि हाम्रो प्लगइन सूचना बिना हटाइनेछ भन्ने तथ्यलाई स्वीकार गर्न सक्दैन, र परिवर्तन गर्न कुनै पनि समय बिना, सही नीलो बाहिर.

र डीएसपी उनलाई रुचि छैन भन्दैमा हामी प्लगइन मंच मा पोस्ट सन्देशहरू हटाइनेछ भनेर स्वीकार गर्न सक्दैन, वा तिनीहरू आफैले बनाएको छ कि उनि नियम विरुद्ध हो कि निर्णय. तिनीहरूले पुनर्विचार गर्न चाहँदैनन् नियम.

तिनीहरू जस्तै कुनै पनि निर्णय गर्न स्वतन्त्र छन्, पछि सबै, आफ्नो आफ्नो होस्टिंग र आफ्नो नियम. भनेर बेवास्ता गर्न सकिँदैन, सौभाग्य नै हामी उनलाई स्वीकार गर्न छैन.

तपाईं गुनासो गर्न चाहनुहुन्छ भने, यहाँ गुनासो छैन, प्रयास र फोरम मा गुनासो, तर मेरो अनुमान तपाईं संचालित गरिनेछ भन्ने छ, wordpress.org एक लोकतन्त्र छैन, न त यो एक GPL अनुरूप साइट छ, सबै कुरा निःशुल्क हुनु पर्छ, लागत मा, र बोली, कि तपाईं मात्र एक समर्थक संस्करण पदोन्नति रूपमा सेवा कि लङ्गडो प्लगइनहरूको टन मिल्यो कारण छ. यो तिनीहरू हामी Transposh संग के सुझाव दिए कि के पनि छ. अनि हामी यो रुचि छैन, छैन एक बिट.

एक अर्को संस्करण कहिल्यै साइट मा अपलोड गरिनेछ भने, यो एक लङ्गडो संस्करण हुनेछ, (यहाँ कुनै पनि लिंक बिना, निश्चित लागि) र छैन सबै भन्दा उपयोगी संस्करण. नवीनतम संस्करण (गैर लङ्गडो) को मा सही यहाँ सेवा गरिनेछ पृष्ठ डाउनलोड. हामी अब एक अद्यावधिक संयन्त्र थप्न हुनेछ जो.

यहाँ टिप्पणी मा छलफल बेझिझक.

त्यसैले लामो wordpress.org, र सबै माछा को लागि धन्यवाद.


  1. Grant भन्छन्

    खैर, I hope you are able to keep it running.

    Maybe you can start a campaign to tell WordPress we all are not so happy. I started using WP mainly because of your plugin.. it’s a huge advantage for SEO & links on Google. I’ve been a webmaster for 17 yrs and to get me to stop using Dreamweaver & switch to WP.. it was because of Transposh. 🙂

    • भन्छन्

      Thanks for the kind words, you can take this to the wordpress forums, and let the moderators know, but I don’t believe this will help much.

      I guess the non wordpress solution will be coming up much faster now.

  2. Jimbo भन्छन्

    Well this is really bad news. I didn’t think the WordPress team treated plugin developers like this. They need to reconsider their actions. Like you said, the link can be removed and that could be done for a long time now. What is the problem? Your points are more than valid and I have used your plugin on a lot of my sites, which has brought me a lot of extra traffic as well as increased the sites footprint in Google. I back you guys in this.

  3. Child Themer भन्छन्

    Well that is just horrible. I don’t get what the big deal is. I’m glad you are still offering the plug in as I use it on a few websites.

  4. Francois Lachance भन्छन्

    WordPress is terrible,the only thing that make wordpress good is the community of developer like you guy’s,who put a lot of effort for no money and very little recognition.You guy did terrific job with this plugin and hope you will continue to do so even after that.Best of luck

    • भन्छन्

      An interesting idea, but I thing we are quite able to handle google without wordpress.org patronization, and alsoit is allowed to have a link on your widgets, ask facebook, ट्विटर, sharethis(quickest page to rank 10), and many others

  5. Ana Kelly भन्छन्

    I am so sorry to hear I have been using your plugin for years not and I love it….
    I hope you keep maintaining it.

    धन्यवाद फेरि

  6. भन्छन्

    For the record, you’re perfectly well allowed to have the link in your widget. The rules on WordPress.org only state that the link must be an opt-in link, not an opt-out one.

    You’re welcome to have your plugin on WordPress.org when you decide that you want to abide by that particular rule.

    • भन्छन्

      I am ok with the situation as it is now. I did use to have aproudly powered by wordpresson my pages, which accidentally comes with the theme I have installed (and I think the default themes has it too, not opt-in). This is no longer the case, because I am much less proud of that.

      If this rule will be reconsidered (you can read a few users comments here, about expecting this, being ok with this, singling out, आदि) I will reconsider.

      I also strongly believe that closing a plugin with something that has been there for 4 वर्ष, which is not a gaping security hole is the wrong action. Only a month ago I was a bit offline, and would probably have not been able to handle this for a good while. I do suggest that you take your time to reconsider said policy (give a notice, some reasonable timeframe, whatever). This was never such a critical issue, that required the use of such force.

      तथापि, thanks for your willingness, and your time, hope we’ll meet in the future on better terms.

  7. mr green भन्छन्

    (You’re welcome to have your plugin on WordPress.org when you decide that you want to abide by that particular rule.)
    thanks Otto to be there and clarify
    Ofer that good news We love your(our) प्लगइन
    Transposh must be alive

  8. भन्छन्

    नमस्कार, I just wanted to say thank you very much for transposh plugin, it’s an excellent tool, I have downloaded it from your site, and I am proudly displaying your link.

    I can’t understand why you have been singled out, as many plugins have links to their site from them, there is nothing wrong with this as it is a free plugin, so you should at least get a link from it.


  9. Niels Jakob भन्छन्


    Thanks for your workI really enjoy your plugin, and I hope you will be back on WordPress soon. In the meantime, how do I update to the full version? (I need other widgets than the default) Should I uninstall the WP plugin, and download install the plugin from your download section? Or will that erase all of my current translations?


    • भन्छन्


      This will not erase your translations, the way you suggested will work. There is another way though
      1. Upgrade from wordpress.org to version 0.9.3
      2. Go to the settings and checkupgrade to the full version
      3. Check for upgrades again (you might have to force this)
      4. Upgrade to the full version (currently


  10. भन्छन्

    I accidentally upgraded to 0.9.3 via wordpress repository, but now missing flags. So uninstalled and downloaded version from your site. Plugin will not installed, it says no valid plugins found. Now I am missing your translation tool from our site.
    मदत गर्नुहोस्….

      • भन्छन्

        हाय, thanks for your reply. When I checked back at your download page I saw the link. I had to delete the files from 0.9.3 and then install It is working fine now, with flags restored. Thank you so much, and I am sorry for the situation with WordPress.

        Our website spreads the Word of God around the world, and I want you to know that your translation engine is integral to souls being saved.

        God Bless you!

  11. भन्छन्

    wordpress can’t be an multi language cms without transposh! there are many translation plugins for wordpress but all of them are useless 😀 I’m so happy for using transposh and helping for persian language support. 🙂

  12. FanaticWeb भन्छन्

    Hey Ofer, its you know who 🙂

    Just to let you know that my issue was fixed when I reuploaded the fixed version you put on the server back then, not sure how or why, but it fixed it.

    Now I see what you meant by your plugin being removed from WordPress, really sad, I really think both parties should settle and meet half way on this misunderstanding, for everyone’s sake.

    I just upgraded to the latest version, so far so good, will monitor the stats and traffic hoping the previous issue wont resurface.

    Thank you for keeping Transposh alive.

  13. भन्छन्

    नमस्ते Ofer
    Thank you very much for the Transposh plug-in. The WordPress rule is not fair. I’m totally on your side. Upgraded to the full version and proudly displaytranslated by Transposhlink.
    Your plug-in is the most convenient to use.

    • भन्छन्

      The download on the wordpress repository leads here, you can check the download full version, and do an upgrade, alternatively you may visit the download page here.


  14. फ्रेमवर्क भन्छन्

    I agree. WordPress Staffers, as far as i’ve realized, are really doing a very bad job.
    They delete your forum replies just because they want to be the ‘Firstto reply or decide that your answers aren’t complete (i could give you 2 names, but i’d prefer not) and want to offer their personal paid services by linking to their professional profiles (yes..). This is the only black side of WordPress, and hope this will be changed..

  15. भन्छन्

    Know what you mean about broken plugins promoting pro versions. One kindly word for itpathetic.

    Will favorite your site. Will keep track. Fantastic Translator.

    After your translator all the rest aren’t even 2nd best.

  16. भन्छन्

    The amount of work that you guys have put into this plug-in is astounding.

    I do work for non-profit healthcare organizations and I cannot tell you how much your plug-in has helped us communicate with our hispanic population.

    Just to go in and add our own translations is fantastic.

    Bravo my friendsit’s just too bad how WP has made it difficult for you to promote yourself.

    I will be recommending you, निश्चित लागि. Word of mouth is sometimes the best promotion.

  17. बोगदान तूफान भन्छन्

    Please don’t leave this field and keep Transposh alive.
    If you want we can talk about making it profitable and I will help you with ideas regarding that.
    You don’t need WordPress website to promote your work.
    Keep optimism UP and let us help you.
    Thanks for outstanding work and making your plugin one of the best I’ve seen sinceever.


  18. भन्छन्

    The mods at wordpress should really reconsider this travesty of reasoning. As you point outEVERY share button is a link to another’s site. The facebook plugins define suchHOW DARE YOU TRY TO UNITE THE WORLD OUTSIDE OF GOOGLE TRANSLATING EVERYPAGE!!!

  19. भन्छन्

    Guyswonderful job!” I love your plugin and I love your attitude for standing up to what is right!
    Wordpress would not be wordpress without awesome plugins like yours. Like you said Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, गुगल…they all get to keep link back why not you?
    I am 100% behind you, I display your plugin and I display your link! Credit deserves to be given where credit is due. You were nice enough to let so many people use your plugin and you deserve every bit for it! It’s amazes me that the people at wordpress can’t appreciate the hard work that goes into something like this. You would think of all the people, they would understand that most. After all, WordPress is benefiting from your work, all the WordPress users are benefiting from your work, यति…why shouldn’t you? I will proudly keep your plugin on my site with the link back! And I will tell all my students to do the same. You are more deserving. Long live democracy!!!! 🙂

    • Mandy भन्छन्

      Totally agree with all you say, मौरीको! I love Transposh’s attitude tooand I definitely love this brilliant plugin which I’ve only just installed and it works beautifully!

      Btw, द्वारा Transposh, I couldn’t see any donation paypal button anywhere?? I think you need one 🙂and thanks so much for this beautiful plugin!

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