आवृत्ती 0.7.5 – प्रदीर्घ दिवस ++

by voobie http://www.flickr.com/photos/vinish/960942349/
समर्थन 5 अधिक भारतीय भाषांमध्ये

उन्हाळ्यात एक दिवस अधिकृतपणे उत्तर गोलार्ध मध्ये सुरु आहे, आम्ही आवृत्ती सादर अभिमान आहे 0.7.5 आमच्या प्लगइनची. ही आवृत्ती समर्थित म्हणून Google Translate द्वारे आज घोषणा केली नवीन भाषा करीता समर्थन जोडतो – बंगाली, गुजराती, कन्नड, तमिळ आणि तेलुगु.

आपला ब्लॉग त्या भाषा जोडण्यासाठी rushing करण्यापूर्वी, कृपया योग्यपणे कार्य करण्यासाठी त्या भाषा एक AJAX प्रॉक्सी वापरण्यासाठी की reminded करणे, जे ते नव्या अनुवाद अक्षरमाळा प्रथम आढळतात यावर आपल्या सर्व्हरवरील लोड तयार अर्थ (हे Google अनुवाद आणण्यात forcing). त्यामुळे निवड आपली आहे, परंतु आपण सूचित केले गेले आहे…

पुढे अधिक हा आवृत्ती Transposh च्या मुलभूत भाषा सह डीफॉल्ट लोकॅल गिरवण्यास नाही पर्याय जोडतो, हे वर्तन (नवीन 0.7.4) एमयू वापरकर्त्यांना त्यांच्या भाषेत प्रशासन पृष्ठे आहेत करण्याची परवानगी, परंतु त्यांचा डीफॉल्ट पेक्षा भिन्न भाषांमध्ये साइट व्यवस्थापित होती की दुसरीकडे annoyed वापरकर्ते वर, त्यामुळे आता हे कॉन्फिगर केलेले आहे.

आम्ही अनुवाद केलेल्या UI सुधारली असली,, पुढील आणि मागील बटणे आता पूर्ण बदल जतन, आणि संवाद हे बटण क्लिक यावर पुन्हा केंद्रीत केले जाणार नाही.

या आवृत्ती आनंद घ्याल.



    • म्हणतो,

      Hello David,

      Not everything will be configurable, as we don’t seek to overwhelm a user with too many options, देखील – at this points this keeps this feature to more advanced users which probably understand better what to expect and when to expect, and I don’t feel it is mature enough to become a part of the main core, at least not for the time being.

      thanks for the comment though

      • म्हणतो,

        I can appreciate that an option may not be mature enough to add to the configuration (though OFTEN one sees configuration options in software that are highlighted as “ग्रीक मुळाक्षरातील दुसरे अक्षर” किंवा “experimental”, इ. – so there IS precedentEVEN in Transposh already) As to not wanting tooverwhelmthe user, with all due respect, I don’t buy that argument in software configuration. In fact, I can’t say that I found Transposh’s options as they are 100% obvious. That doesn’t bother me. I just spend time re-reading until I understand. I know that there is a popular notion in much software that you need tokeep it simple”, but flexibility of function goes hand-in-hand with complexity. That’s a simple trade-off in technology. Translation processing is inherently complex. Better to try to manage the complexity and arrange/explain the options as best you can, than tohidethem.

        Frankly, I’m thrilled with those options and if people are involved in translation on a regular basis using Transposh the way we are, I would find them indispensable to the task and Transposh difficult to use without them. Why not open them up to more people?

        Not trying to be contentious here, परंतु “keep it simpleis one of my hot buttons. Sorry you hit it! 😉

  1. Little Red Frog म्हणतो,

    हाय आहात,

    I’d have 2 questions

    1) I would like to sometimes write my posts in English, and then translate them into French, and sometimes in French and THEN translate them into English. Is it possible and how?

    2) I would like to be the only one to be able to translate my posts and would like the option not to appear on the online pages. Here again, is it possible, and how?

    आगाऊ धन्यवाद!!

  2. Jonas म्हणतो,

    I have asked you many times, but did not get any replies. Even, you have removed all my comments.

    I have installed the plugin, config and add widget successfully. तथापि, when i click to a specific language, it has error:

    Content Encoding Error

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

    You can view my site, and please let me know your solution.

    अतिशय आभारी!

    • म्हणतो,

      I have tried to mail you so many times, please provide a working email address in comments if you want to get answers from time to time, I would also recommend checking your spam folder content from time to time if you are waiting to anything of importance, काही झालं तरी – you just got a reply here, gzip issue, probably with a problematic setting on your site or a conflicting plugin


  3. Jonas म्हणतो,

    Thank you for Transposh and Ilyo’s replies!
    I don’t know when i enable gzip compression, maybe it’s a part of wp super cache or w3 total cache ? And now, how can I disable it? मदत करा!

    दुसरा प्रश्न, I have also installed this plugin to another site, It has been good before. तथापि, from yesterday, it has appeared a blank page when i click to a specific language. So what is the problem?

    मला मदत करा! Thank all guys very much!

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