Version 0.9.5 – Quod perierat upgrade

Version 0.9.5 ut remissus esset, non ita pridem, et cum plena version ut remissus esset,. Quaeres a te,, Aliquam eu Dashboard quaero, non video quid in, quid est?

Et hoc est quod in ipso 0.9.5 ad vitam, Mendum est, ad transeundum in upgrade amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit api 3.8 quae obstant omnia updates Transposh (et praecipue de sui) ex Dashboard.

Sic, quod facere?

Upgrade ut orci plena version, Sunt pauci bene:

  1. disable current Transposh plugin, reprehendo pro updates, metus in Latin 0.9.5 de, eu orci, marca “patitur plena version de update” et Catullus
  2. current et placerat orci version de update install version de sequi procedendi
  3. qui vicit saeculum, et interpretes download lima est iustus pro vobis minister,.

Nos paenitet quidem incommodi

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Quid, 0.9.4?
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  1. dicit

    1 does not work for me. I am stuck on 9.5 and no flags.

    If I delete the plug in as in 2 will I lose my custom translations?

    I do not understand how to replace the files on my server. Please explain

    • dicit

      1. Check if your hosting provider is blocking access for some reason, but generally this works
      2. If you’ll delete the plugin you should not lose any translations, as those are stored inside your wordpress database,
      3. Replacing the files on your server may be done via sftp, or any other method the hosting provider has given you, explaining this is outside of this answer scope


  2. Jason dicit

    Why don’t you just include transposh in the main repo instead of all this crazy steps-to-install crap everytime a new wordpress version is released?

    • dicit


      Read the post title goodbye, in “crazysteps are not there for every new wordpress version, but it happens, if I had to choose I would take it completely out of the main repository due to that incident,


  3. dicit

    Quia 0.9.4 i have an issue with my RSS feed. Uppercases in xml tags are removed. Then my feed is not valid any more in the W3 validator.
    For exemple the tag lastBuildDate becomes lastbuilddate. As soon as i disable the plugin all comes back tonormal

    Again a big thank to that amazing job that you made (and make) with that plugin !

    • dicit

      In case of someone have the same issue, i used the tip in the ticket #220 where i excluded /feed/ folder to be scanned by transposh. I found back my uppercases 😉

    • dicit

      If you are using the version downloaded from, it is on the top of the settings page, if you are using the full version, this won’t appear.

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