Version 0.2.6 – Vade Regressions

Vos vires animadverto nuntius non de 0.2.5. Quod enim simplex ut facile prima apparuisset regression bug post nuntium antequam possemus. Duo illa version intendit aliquod tempus fiunt forsit url subrogationibus speramus variis linguis 0.2.6 erit ut clavus. Ut perhibent qui omnes gratias et cimices adiuventur testing. Et habebis spem in futuro tincidunt malesuada tellus minores eorum.


  1. dicit

    Salve. I left a message the other day, asking if this feature was available on blogger. I was told people were working on it, and it could come out quite soon. I would be told by email. Ten days later, I’d like to know what the prospects look like.

    • dicit

      Delayed a bit because of the recent bugs and upgrade to wordpress 2.8, but working on that, I guess still a few days a way. Sorry about the delays.

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