Нұсқа 0.8.1 – Бұл қате емес,! бұл мүмкіндігінің!

Озық технологиясымен Аң қателер

Transposh уақытта біз жоғары кодтау стандарттарын мақтан тұтамыз, Бұл біздің бағдарламалық қамтамасыз жоқ қателерді бар дегенді білдіреді. Иә, Егер сіз осы құқығын естідім, табылған нөлдік қателер. Дегенмен – шамалы проблема бар, басқа адамдар бізге ұнайды емес және олар шын мәнінде олардың кодтары қателерді бар. Сондықтан Сіз Transposh орнатылған болса және бір нәрсе дұрыс жұмыс істемейді, WordPress қате, бәлкім, бар, немесе сіз пайдаланып отырған тақырыпқа қатені, басқа плагин немесе қақтығыс, немесе жазба кейбір бардак, немесе сіз әлі Internet Explorer пайдалансаңыз, 2 немесе осы сіздің ана байланысты нәрсе, немесе анасы, немесе әжесі, немесе соңды құрылды бірінші яшы. Бұл бізге ешқашан! ешқашан!

Бірдеңе жұмыс және сіз емес болса Бұл туралы бізге хабарлаңыз, біз кінәлі біреуді дереу табу, ал кейде, кезде жақсы көңіл-күйім, біз шын мәнінде сол басқа адамдар қателерді болдырмау үшін бір нәрсе код.

Бұл шығарылым сол шығарылымдарда бірі болып табылады, тек жаңа функция басқару интерфейсінде Пікір тілдеріңізді орнату мүмкіндігі болып табылады (біреу испан в егер шын мәнінде сіздің ағылшын тілінде сайт немесе вице-өлең Шолу кезінде) .

Бұл босату қалған:

  • Әдепкі бойынша тірі адам аудармалар сақтық көшірмесін қосу
  • Javascript пайдаланылатын тілдердің тізімі бекітілген және одан оқылатын жатыр
  • Сервер JavaScripts үшін жақсартылған тиеу
  • Қолдау , сараптау символы (Оның емес, үтір, шынында!)
  • Біздің Аяксе БМАС-та қолдау түсірілді (Cross Origin Аякс)
  • Дұрыс тұрғыда көз lazyloader жүкті жасауға тырысыңыз
  • Google үшін тым үлкен аудармалар болдырмау үшін пакеттік аударма мөлшерін есептеу Fix
  • Екі jQueryUI нұсқалары енгізілген кезде Fix, негізінен WordPress 3.2.x үшін
  • Алып тастау үшін Тіркелген виджет [Тіл] Филип Trauring атап ретінде Buggy болатын
  • Тікелей виджет функциясын пайдалану пайдаланушылар үшін сынған сайттарға Fix
Біз сізге осы нұсқасын ұнатасыз деп үміттенеміз


  1. дейді

    Сәлеметсіз Бе,
    I have a couple of queries. Біріншіден, is it possible for someone to translate my pages through transposh. I mean for a friend to accurately translate/alter them but still using the transposh widget?
    Secondly, I am having an issue with my FB like plugin it seems to be adopting the Portuguese flag from transposh as my thumbnail on people’s facebook wall. Do you know anything about this or if there is a way to stop it happening?
    Thanks for your time, it’s always greatly appreciated.

    • дейді

      Сәлеметсіз Бе,

      For the first issue, you can always give your friend an account on your site with translator permissions, I believe that this will do what you wish.
      Regarding the second item, I don’t know that plugin, the best course of action is that you create a ticket for us on our development server, and we’ll attend to it in time.

      Happy holidays

  2. дейді

    Hi, I just want to update my problem and fixed.
    1. I used Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator 4.0b8 Beta, It increasing index page very much.
    2. I changed W3 Total Cache to Quick Cache, that is use for 3 year. Quick Cache better than W3TC in term of speed and translate faster (than W3TC). Confirm by Google Webmaster ToolsCrawl stats that when i use W3TC, Time spent downloading a page increase to 2000ms from <200ms, now it reduce when i switched to Quick Cache. For me this plugin suitable with Transposh.
    3. 404 not found still have problem. I will monitor 3-4 days if it not reduce, i will ask you again.

  3. дейді

    Your translation service is completely ridiculous. Perhaps it’s even more ridiculous for translations from English to Swedish, since every Swede who’s interested in the “аударылған” sites will know a lot more English than yourserviceknow of Swedish. The readers will laugh or frown, the only thing they won’t do is understand.

    • дейді

      Hello Lars,

      I really am not sure why I approved this comment, it was not very positive nor informative. What I can say is that you are probably quite correct, automatic translation does produce results that are incorrect and sometimes even a joke, however this is why Transposh exists, so you can use the small edit translation link below the widget to actually fix it and make it better, it sure beats maintaining two copies of the same content and is better than automatic translation.

      But really, you don’t have to use it

      Іске сәт

  4. дейді

    Сәлеметсіз Бе, first all I love your plugin!

    Секунд, I need a little help if possible. My site includes different languages and my default language is english. When I switch to a different language than english the plugin regularly translate everything. The problem is that I would like the plugin to translate even the default language (English) орнатылған, because on my buddy press activity not all the entries are the same language. Everything is working fine in all the languages but the default. I hope I was clear, if not you can check on my site faceboooh.com.

    Рақмет сізге


    • Quint дейді

      Hello Ezio,

      I also have the same issue and have reported it (and have been in email communication with Ofer) earlier as well.

      Maybe the following will help Ofer? I recently installed WP-FB-AutoConnect, and no matter what I did, I kept getting a webpage that stated, “Please do not access this script directly.Through much hair-pulling, I discovered that the plugin did actually log me in to my site through my FB account; дегенмен, I was not being redirected to my site’s Homepage. The developer assured me that it should work.

      Осылай, I turned off every plugin and started activating them one by one. The only one that did not allow WP-FB-AutoConnect to conclude properly was Transposh. I relayed this to the FB plugin developer who said this isn’t the first time that this has been reported to him about Transposh.

      I am NOT knocking Transposh. I think it’s an awesome plugin. Like you, I need and really, really want it to work for my Buddypress site. Hopefully, this bit of information will help.

      Рақмет сізге,


      WP 3.3.1; BP 1.5.3

      • дейді

        Hi Quint, thanks for your comment. I had exactly the problem you had with WP-FB auto connect and after reporting to the developer I finally ended up abandoning WP-FB and replacing it with Social-Connect. I really would like to keep transposh which I love it and I hope that somebody in here can give us a little help.

        Рақмет сізге


  5. дейді

    Сәлеметсіз Бе,

    Fully expecting that you’ll tell me that this is a problem outside Transposh, but would you please at least have a look at this line from our error log? We get one of these every second.

    [09-Feb-2012 14:39:05] PHP Warning: Attempt to assign property of non-object in /home/apexwpa2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/transposh-translation-filter-for-wordpress/core/parser.php on line 656

    Рақмет сізге,

  6. Джованни дейді

    I deleted a lot of articles from my blog.
    I thought that the size of tables and Translation translationlog diminished, but it is not.
    I think that there are left translations in the database useless.
    There is a way to eliminate those and reduce the database?
    P. S.: this plugin is great!
    рахмет !

    • дейді


      Although I don’t believe that the size of the database matters much in today’s hosting environments, it might indeed be wise to do some cleanups in your situation, on the setting page, I suggest you remove all auto translations older than 14 күн, don’t worry much if you lose any auto translation being used as those should be rebuilt anyhow.

      Іске сәт

  7. дейді

    My friend is editing the translation as anonymous. She is not logged into my dashboard. The translations are there when I’m logged in but as soon as I log out they are not there. Is there a setting or box to check where I have to accept them or make them live? I was under the impression that anyone could edit and publish the translations? Any advice would be very much appreciated as always.

  8. дейді

    I have two issues. Бірінші, I signed up for the Bing Translate API at Windows Azure Marketplace and copied the account key into the MSN API key field in the Transposh Settings. I believed this would make it possible to use the free translation offered of 2 million characters. Дегенмен, nothing gets translated. When I click the “Барлық Аудару” button it just times out after five attempts.

    Secondly, the popup window in which I manually edit translations seem to have a low z-index value. Menus and images appear on top of it, making it hard to use. The theme I am using isTwenty Eleven 1.3”, which shouldn’t be that exotic, considering that it is developed by the WordPress team.

    • дейді


      You have probably not copied the API key for bing correctly, and you are getting an invalid AppID, қалай болса солай – in most cases it is not necessary to use it at all, you can just leave the field blank.

      Regarding the z-index, I guess you are correct, and this will be fixed in coming versions

      • дейді

        I entered the API key because I thought it was required. I have the same problem if I remove the key, бірге “Translation incompleteand timeout after five attempts, both with Google and Bing. I tried reinstalling, removing all automatic translations, and clicking the fix errors by previous versions button. Still no go. I’ve been running Transposh for a long time.

        Thanks for fixing the z-index in the next version!

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