Version 0.8.3 – Wijetị si shortcode

Nke a na version fixes ụfọdụ chinchi na-agbakwụnye, nkwado maka ọmarịcha shortcode na-enye gị ohere ka wijetị n'ime osisi

Dị ka ihe atụ, nke a:
[tp widget="flags/tpw_flags_css.php"]



  1. na-ekwu,

    Ofer, ndewo!
    Where can we learn more about the shortcode?
    Dị ka ihe atụ, how to put it into WP built-in menus?
    And why flags don’t display when I use it (only the checkbox)?


      • na-ekwu,

        Here’s the link, and you can see the checkbox in the upper-right corner.
        And the shortcode I have is
        [tp wijetị ="flags / tpw_flags_css.php"]

        By the way, in your article about shortcodes you mention this as one of the many uses of the widget, but there are no other instructions, how to modify it. Dị ka ihe atụ, how to remove some flags, change formatting, display drop-down, wdg?


  2. na-ekwu,

    Here are a couple of suggestions which would GREATLY improve the plugin’s usability and make me recommend it to my co-workers and partners. (It might’ve been suggested before, but I haven’t found any info).
    1. Implement keyboard shortcuts and other methods to quickly switch to the next text block to manually translate on a page.
    2. Make the plugin understand e-mail addresses, URLs and other content that should not ever be translated.
    3. Include an option to copy-paste an entire page’s translation. Sometimes it’s easier to translate in an external editor, and sometimes you already have the translation ready.

    Will come back with more!

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