tionndadh 0.9.3 – Càit an robh mo brataichean a dhol?

Cha robh iad a 'dol glè fhada, cuiribh 'bhidio a choimhead no a leughadh air an stiùireadh gu h-ìosal.

Dè bu chòir dhut a dhèanamh gus am faigh iad air ais?

Dìreach àrdachadh gu an dreach slàn a 'cleachdadh an stiùireadh a leanas freagairt:

  • Àrdaich gu an dreach as ùire bho wordpress.org (a bhios mu dheireadh, an sin)
  • Check “leigeil le àrdachadh gu tionndadh slàn” ann an suidheachaidhean
  • Thoir sùil airson ùrachaidhean agus a 'coileanadh an ath-ùrachadh, Sin e!

Dè tha ùr ann an dreach 0.9.3:

  • Update Obraichidh bho ar làraich
  • Nithean fuasglaidhean air bugaichean
  • Comas a thoirt air falbh an rel = seach nach robh an-còmhnaidh feumail
  • ( Tha sinn air a leigeil mu sgaoil fo dreach thoirt a-steach na cànanan ùra le taic bho Ghoogle, dèanamh ar n-iomlan chunntaidh – 73! (Ma tha duine sam bith an seo a 'bruidhinn Hmong, cuiribh fios thugainn)

Tha sinn an dòchas chòrdas riut an tionndadh seo.




  1. Kurt001 ag ràdh

    Mar sin,, why did the update I just did, kill the flags in the first place?
    I don’t get it. Why would I have to download a plugin from your website now, which is supposed to work from the wordpress repository?
    Coudl you answer why you are forcing people into this?

  2. ciro ag ràdh

    Hi Trent
    go back into the actual widget??? But where?
    I’ve installed the last version of Transposh Plugin…9.3!
    I followed the video helpbut I can’t find where the flag option is.
    I’d like to use Flags instead og text(name of Language).
    How can I set the flags as default ? Where is the right option to set??
    Thanks in advaceCIRO

  3. Frank ag ràdh

    I just updated to WordPress 3.6 and the interface of on screen translation has changed completely. But the worst thing is that I can’t seem to correct any text of the text that has been translated. I did update Transposh to the latest version and I also did theAllow upgrade to full versionwhich did work correct. Please let me know what to do to get the on screen translation work (with the orange and green little boxes to click on :). Mòran taing!

  4. ag ràdh

    Hola, he instalado el plugin transposh y funciona perfectamente. El problema viene cuando voy a la galería de fotos y hago click sobre una foto para agrandarla y la ventana que se aparece se desplaza hacia abajo y cada vez que le doy a la siguiente imagen se va desplazando más y más, algo muy incómodo y poco elegante. Antes de instalar transposh las fotos aparecían en una ventana emergente pero ésta no se movía del sitio al pasar a la siguiente foto. Creo que será por alguna incompatibilidad con el plugin wp lightbox 2. Cómo puedo solucionar este problema? Gracias!

  5. Harish ag ràdh

    Harish :
    Hi Team,
    I am unable to view the Flag even after updating the Plugin to the Latest version. Can you help me to Fix it..?
    Thanks in advance…

    Have fixed it.. Before Updating I dint saw the selector in widget.. Thanks AuthorsAwesome PluginThanks a lot

  6. ag ràdh

    My website is currently in Hebrew (right to left language) and I would like to add US English as well. The problem is that after I downloaded the plug in, my entire wordpress control panel moved from Hebrew to English, and also the website changed its appearance (the entire website got aligned to the left). So I panicked and disabled the plug in. I am new to wordpress and frankly, am not quite sure what I am doing so I was wondering what are my options? I saw some tutorials where the languages added were all left to right ones, and nothing happened to them
    Please help me! 🙂
    Thank you very much in advance,

    • ag ràdh

      What you are seeing is because Transposh is changing the locale according to the language,

      To fix this, please set Hebrew as the default language in Transposh or disable the locale integration feature in the settings,

      Remember the hitchhiker’s guide cover.

  7. ag ràdh

    Hola de nuevo, he escrito hace unos días pero aún no tengo respuesta. Por favor, alguien sabe cómo puedo solucionar la incompatibilidad que me genera el plugin transposh con el wp lightbox2? Al abrir una foto de la galería de imágenes se abre una ventana e inmediatamente se desvanece, para verla hay que ir al final de la página. Esto ocurre cada vez que le doy a ver la siguiente foto, cada vez se desplaza más abajo. Qué puede estar pasando? soy nueva en esto y no se me ocurre cuál puede ser el error.
    Esto solo me ocurre teniendo el plugin de transposh activado, cuando lo desactivo las fotos se ven perfectamente.
    Otra duda que tengo es que la galería de fotos no se ven en los idiomas inglés y catalán.
    Llevo varios días con esto y me estoy volviendo loca. Por favor, alguien me echa una mano?

  8. ag ràdh

    A’ chiad, thank you for the great job you made to create this plugin.
    I have a small request : how can i add at the beginning of each post a sentence in the translated language ?
    I would like to warn readers that the following text has been translated by google or bing or ….
    Tapadh leat !

  9. ag ràdh

    I have tried updating to full as your instructions. But I can’t get the update to show up at all. Have clickedAllow upgrading to full versionand saved, but no update showes up. Have the 0.9.3 version. Tried logging in and out, waited days and hours. Clicked on and off and so on. No update. I want the flags working! Also the translation no longer works it seems

  10. Raphael ag ràdh

    I was delaying to do the upgrade to this version because I thought I would loose all the flags or not being able to select more languagesWhat a fool I was! As most of plugins users, I believe we just wanna get something free and that always works. I wanna congrats transposh for the great work and to making me to stop and think about a way of giving it back someday.

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