tionndadh 0.8.3 – Tha widget aig shortcode

Tha an dreach seo ceartachaidhean cuid de thrioblaidean teicnigeach, agus a 'cur taic airson laghach shortcode a leigeas leat gu àite a' widget taobh a-staigh dreuchd a '

Mar eisimpleir, seo:
[tp widget="flags/tpw_flags_css.php"]

Thèid a thaisbeanadh:


  1. ag ràdh

    Here are a couple of suggestions which would GREATLY improve the plugin’s usability and make me recommend it to my co-workers and partners. (It might’ve been suggested before, but I haven’t found any info).
    1. Implement keyboard shortcuts and other methods to quickly switch to the next text block to manually translate on a page.
    2. Make the plugin understand e-mail addresses, URLs and other content that should not ever be translated.
    3. Include an option to copy-paste an entire page’s translation. Sometimes it’s easier to translate in an external editor, and sometimes you already have the translation ready.

    Will come back with more!

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