tionndadh 0.7.4 – The springy version

By Peter Kaminski http://www.flickr.com/photos/peterkaminski/66876135/
Anybody guess what the spring stands for?

This release comes in a bit late on our schedule. But it already broke our single day download record by crossing the 500 mark.

This release although small in nature does have some nice additions.

A’ chiad, the default language set in Transposh now overrides the one that is set in the WP_LANG constant, this allows a WordPress MU installation in which every site can be managed in a different language on the backend. A feature which I enjoyed by finally allowing my kid to have his own personal blog in a language he can manage.

We have added a tp shortcode that enables to output the current transposh language, although it might not sound like much, this small additions allows displaying different images for different languages, you can read about it here.

An addition of a few constants in our parser code, now allow coders (not users) to change our parser behavior to break phrases on larger chunks, see the top of our parser.php for documentation.

More changes and bug crashing include:

  • Iframes included inside pages will now attempt to include proper language
  • Fixed bug with using the only=yparameter of the tp shortcode which made incorrect detections of source language further in parsing
  • Added German translation by Jenny Beelens from professionaltranslation.com

Meal an tionndadh seo, tell your friends about it, don’t tell your enemies anything, consult with your lawyers if you really want to and don’t forget the importance of your family.

PS: We know about the scheduled Google Translate API deprecation and the plugin will still work, details will be uncovered in future versions.


  1. John ag ràdh

    Thanks for putting so much work into this! This probably isn’t the right place to ask but, do you have any plans to include a way to filter out entries that aren’t translated? e.g, if admins and editors are the only ones set to translate, they can see everything, but visitors would only see the finished translations? That would be awesome 😀

  2. Isak ag ràdh


    Image translation is very important feature, it’s great that you developed it! Ge-tà, there is still no way of translating featured images, is there? Most slideshows use featured images, and all posts do, so it would be awesome if this could be managed somehow.

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