Ferzje 0.7.2 – De tredde komt

By Mariano Pernicone - http://www.flickr.com/photos/pernicleto/1120665998/
Happy twadde jierdei foar de plugin

Wy hawwe krekt útbrocht ferzje 0.7.2 mei in pear Brekreparaasjes en trije Added oersettings nei de plugin.

Twa jier (en in dei) hawwe trochjûn sûnt ferzje 0.0.1 waard útbrocht en ien jier sûnt ferzje 0.4.3 waard útbrocht. Yn dit jier wy hienen oer 32,000 downloads yn ferliking mei 13,000 yn it jier foar, en wy hawwe mear mooglikheden en in bytsje mear dy't hjir grutbrocht up produkt.

Wy woenen te fieren hjoed de dei mei de frijlitting fan de proxy tsjinst, mar spitigernôch dit wurdt fertrage in bytsje, lykwols – de tawijd 24GB ram tsjinner is definityf op (hosting dizze site) en wy sille gau wêze klear te Rumble. Graach oant jo ideeën, suggestions, soarte wurden en wat jo miskien wol te smiten by ús.

Team Tillefoankaarten.


  1. seit

    Same issue as 0.7.1 not fixed I mentioned in comments:
    Since WP 3.1 release I am no longer able to edit translation: as I check the edit checkbox for a language (i.e. en), I am redirected to default page (french). Nothing to do about this?

  2. seit

    Hoi. I have some ideas, and i hope they will be usefull for that great system. Earste, how i can look at percent of translated text in topic? Twadde, i think usefull have statistics for userhow is better”, in profile of any users field with statistics with translated words by this user + Widget “best of the best”. Tredde, possible for administrator lock any words for translate, example i have already good translate for half text, but anyone can rewrite this) I know good examples for collobrative translate system this translated.by and notabenoid.com

    And in finally, you created greates plugin for wordpres, thank you for this.

    P.S. Yes i know) my English level very beginner, but i want thank you with this commentary.

    • seit

      Thanks for the ideas

      You can’t tell the % of translation on a post yet, but you can tell at the page level by looking at the translation meta transposh adds to the source of the page, I know this is not very useful but we are working on that 😉

      good luck

  3. seit

    I wanted to add some well deserved praiseI have this plugin on many of my wordpress sites and it is bringing in people from all over the world not just English speaking, thanks for making this plugin so good.
    One question though, is it possible to create translations in subdomains eg www (dot) it.mysite rather than www (dot) mysite.com/it ?
    Thanks again

  4. Schnibble seit

    I wanted to start similar inline translation plugin for wordpress and I was browsing the web for some info about the technology behind it, when I finally landed on your page.

    Plugin is amazing! I will try to contribute when I figure it out bit more.

    Big thanks for making it!

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