Версия 0.8.2 – 3 йыл, 66 телдәре, 1 вордпресс

Мин, диде 3 шәм өсөн торт!

Өс йыл узды (һәм өс көн, һәм утыҙ өс сәғәт) беренсе версияһы transposh плагин күрһәтелде wordpress.org репозитории расширений.

Ваҡыт, һис шикһеҙ летит.

Беренсе йыл високосный (29сө февраль) һәм ысын високосный йыл өсөн transposh. Плагин ине скачано береһе артыҡ репозитории 50,000 тапҡыр быйыл етәсәк тотороҡло үҫеш характеристикаһы һәм дөйөм һаны теле поддерживаемых. Бөгөн дә беренселәре монг теле Талаш-тартыш беҙ беренсе плагин ярҙам итеү өсөн дөйөм һаны 66 телдәре.

Ине был, ысынлап та ла, мауыҡтырғыс (ҡайһылай, хужа тормош ҡыҙыҡлы) йыл өсөн автоматическое тәржемә итеү сәнәғәт һәм плагины, унда беҙҙең Google бер ни тиклем булһа ла уронил уларҙың ярдам менән API (генә булһын, переключаться яуап биреү моделенә) шул уҡ ваҡытта Bing керттек, яңы сикләүле. Буйынса transposh уңышлы преодолеть был үҙгәрештәр, шул уҡ ваҡытта башҡа плагины түгел, иҫән-һау ҡалған.

Киләсәге тота өсөн transposh? Беҙ аҡрын кипрей ҡайһы бер яңы әйберләр, эшләп беҙҙең күреү һәләтен көсәйтә йәшерергә тәржемә сайт, ҡасан барыһы да әҙер буласаҡ – улар буласаҡ. Шул уҡ ваҡытта,, һеҙҙең даими ярҙам булып тора беҙҙең өсөн мөһим, кайса2ында ябай хат менән “һеҙҙең плагин бик яҡшы тура килә” мәжбүр итә безне дауам итергә. Шулай булғас, әгәр һеҙ верте, сөнки беҙҙең барыһы да яҡшы, напишите безгә, әгәр һеҙ уйлайһы, беҙ тейеш йәшерергә нигеҙләмә әйберләрҙең, напишите безгә, һәм әгәр һеҙ уйлайһы, беҙ-отстой, беҙ аңлайбы, ни өсөн Һеҙ укынылар был хәбәр быға тиклем �

Теләүселәр үҙҙәрен оло 4-се йыл, maybe it will end with a bigger cake 🙂



  1. ди

    I do not update it now because I do not know any new function compare with old version. And could you add a function which can make every page to real .html page, this can make wordpress faster..
    Thank u so much..

    • ди

      Updating is generally a good thing, regarding making it faster, you may consider using a cache plugin (such as wpsupercache) that will probably achieve the improvement you are looking for.

    • ди


      This plugin does consume CPU time, which can be drastically reduces when using a supported in memory caching solution, such as memcached or APC
      you can ask your hosting provider about those

      Good luck

  2. ди

    Привет, заметил, что после смены языка изменяется статус пользователя с зарегистрированного на гостя.

    Как можно решить данную проблему?

  3. ди


    Great plugin, it’s cool.
    But the syntax of the translation is quite unusual, is there any way to put sentence parts to another place when editing?


    • ди

      Hello there,

      Still working on that, however there are a few constants that may be changed at the top of the parser.php file, although this will probably won’t be supported in the future, and will probably invalidate your current translations.

  4. ди

    Hi there ! Just corrected the French version of your post 😉 Making your website participative is a great idea, as your plugin is!
    Many thanks for your great work helping us opening our linguistic borders, and Happy Birthday to Transposh!

  5. ди

    Oh by the way, between English and French the position of the nouns vs. adjectives is switched, and with trasposh’s way of cutting sentences quite randomly, it makes some sentences sound fuzzy with no way of reordering words properlyIs there any way to use the ponctuation to cut sentences into pieces instead of cutting them quite randomly?
    Many thanks again 🙂

    • ди


      Thanks for fixing the French version, highly appreciated. Care to do the same for the plugin itself?

      Regarding random cutting, it is not that random, it will cut on html entities, numbers, punctuations and html. Those are rules that can be changed in the parser file, and we are working on improving the overall process. Besides the problems you mentioned there are problems related to context such as words with dual meaning and gender issues in some languages. So the answer isstill working on that”.

      Thanks for the comments and input

  6. ди

    Provide me with the files and thehow toand I will do my best to translate the plugin.
    Another problem: an image that does not appear in English version/French one. Can check on http://www.sahal.fr: ENGAbout Alexandre Sahal” / FRA propos d’Alexandre Sahal

    • ди


      Беренсе, regarding the missing image. Your theme uses something called timthumb (which I recall was a security issue at some point) and also consumes unneeded resources, I suggest you use a normal image tag and things will probably just work.

      Regarding translation of the plugin, the files are already provided in what you have, the easiest way for translating the .po/.mo files as far as I see it is to use a plugin calledcodestyling localizationwhich is quite straight forward.

      We also have a small file to translate for the edit interface in the js/lang directory.

      [object Window] – credit is given to translators 😉

  7. ди

    Hi I seem to be having a rather interesting problem, it looks like most languages (Afrikaans, Íslenska and more) give problems and don’t translate the menu items, and headings at all, and replace the text with nothing.. so there are just blocks with nothing in them.

    Originally I thought this was caused by cufon, but once I customized it to remove cufon for all languages except my default. but its still happening.

    Why would this happen?

    Would using the google API key fix this issue?

    Thanks for any help

  8. VAS ди


    This is an excellent pluginI m grateful..

    I would like to ask how could i possibly change the font the translated text appears
    Мәҫәлән…if i have english and greekhow could i change the greek font family (to Arial lets saycause by default it comes up with a serif family).

    Thank ufor everything

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