Version – Workers of the world – unite!

For the first of May, the international workers day we have finally released the very long overdue and anticipated version of

What is this version good for?

First – support for Baidu, the Chinese search giant which also have a translation engine, with the support for Cantonese which is rather unique for this engine. Another good thing is that with this engine, websites that are hosted in China can get access to a working translation engine.

Second – we have fixed the current key less support of both Google and Yandex, so actually they should work again now. So if a few pages in your site were not translated, the new version got you covered. A few languages were added in the process.

Third – lots of changes, additions and bug fixes all around. Yeah, we need to fix the documentation and FAQ for some.

Why are you still reading this? Just upgrade today, and work tomorrow!

Version – Welcome Yandex

There is more to the world than just Google Translate, there is also more to the world than just Bing Translate, apparently the ~150 million Russians are also doing great stuff, with Yandex, the most popular search engine in Russia.

Yandex supports many languages and produces different results than the other engines, it also specializes in languages that are spoken inside Russia such as Bashkir, Kirghiz and Tatar. Which we were now able to add to the list of languages, making the total number of supported auto-translated languages to a whopping 95!

The addition of Yandex also triggered changed in the way we deploy auto translations, so it is now possible to set the preference of the translation engine you would like to use.

We also had many (and we mean MANY) bugs fixed in this release, the change log will give you a good taste of this:

  • Yandex translator support added
  • Added the option to choose preferred translators order via drag and drop
  • Fix critical bug in translate post and translate on publish
  • Fixes in language selection UI (long language names)
  • Fix translation dialog not loading on first click
  • No longer expose Google keys externally
  • Fix the clean automatic translations in the utils tab
  • Support Bashkir, Kyrghiz and Tatar thanks to Yandex – Now supporting 95 Languages!
  • Added Swahili support to Bing
  • Reduced wait time between posts in translate all to 2 seconds
  • Fix shortcodes when wrapping a <p> tag
  • New Google icon
  • Fix WP_Widget deprecation call for wordpress 4.3
  • Minor fix for buddypress search integration
  • Fix some cases when https urls would not be rewritten
  • Fix rewrite support for three letter languages (currently only ceb)

Enjoy this version!

Version – Shortened shortcodes

The release train has finally picked up some speed, so we are proud to present this new version.
This version fixes the Google proxy again, this is happening because there are things that we really cannot control. But again, it works.

The other change is some fixes in shortcodes, you can read the much improved documentation in the following link:
Shortcode support in Transposh wordpress plugin

The main changes include the additional [tpe] shortcode which was added on top of the older [].
This code is used for self enclosing codes, where it is not necessary to close the tag, this is because a caveat in wordpress which causes
the code parsing to go berserk when mixing self-enclosed and closing shortcodes.

Also, there is no need to specify ="y" any more, so now [tpe mylang] will simply work and output: en

We urge you to upgrade, and enjoy this new version.

Version – We have a new site

First thing first, we would like to deeply thank Christopher from LPK Studio – for the new design of our website, this new website is finally up to today’s new web standards and should be visible on your mobile devices.

We really enjoyed working with Christopher on this, and he was extremely efficient, responsive and knew what we needed even before we asked 🙂

The new website is accompanied by a new release, nothing major here but a few bugs had gone the way of the dodo.

  • You may again use the + symbol inside translations
  • In some occasions, long paragraphs didn’t get the proper automatic translation from Google
  • Clearing old translations didn’t really work in

Enjoy the new version, and make sure you upgrade to this full version, its free.


Version – Fixes and features all around, and SuperProxy alpha

New version is here!

Please upgrade! Please, Please upgrade! Please with some sugar on top.

Why you should upgrade?

  • This version fixes the Google proxy support, which means that the automated Google Translation will work again.
  • This version updates the database format, which means wordpress 4.2 is supported, and you are expected to save ~40% of the current table size
  • We finally have an initial version of a backend translation editor, it will show you the strings real people have translated and allow you to quickly review and delete those.

How should you upgrade?

With some luck, you have the option to simply upgrade in your wordpress dashboard. It is recommended that you backup, as there’s no way back after the database upgrade has completed.

Any quirks, issues, problems – the contact us form is your friend.

What is that SuperProxy and why should you enable this?

SuperProxy is our new “Get rich quick” scheme. hmm…

Actually, we are using the end nodes to allow companies and individuals to have distributed access to the web. We will be paying for this traffic, so if you bought a hosting service and you have tons of data transfer you are not using, we will really appreciate that you enable this feature, it will support us and will probably be worth your while. We will publish more details about this as they become available.

And – to the rest of the changelog:

  • Woo integration fixes
  • Ditch the base64 encoding and reduce size of translatable pages
  • Widget fixes makes flags show correctly when wrong box sizing was used
  • Removal of front end progress bar, it was rarely seen or used and caused more trouble than it was worth
  • 3 new languages supported by bing
  • locale shortcode en_US
  • avoid translation of non text/json content fixes issues with some download addon plugins
  • Support the placeholder attribute, thanks Mark Serellis
  • Some support to the business directory plugin

So – Enjoy this version, and don’t be a stranger, let us know how it works for you.